Thursday, April 26, 2007

lay off james... i have been busy!

Sorry, james, did not mean to call you out in my title, but i could not think of anything else to call it. anyway, i dont really mean it. I some times get defensive when i get called out(like when i havnt posted in a while). It will be nice to see you again. hurry back you bad ass masters holder!!!! Oh yeah, i dont have your email address. Send me an email boo.

alright, so now that i have my personal message to james completed, here is a quick run down of my life over the last few weeks

Things have been busy, and i think i have been using my flickr account as my blog. oh well. so i ended up not having the dinner party because i got pretty sick with a sore throat and a stopped up nose. Oh well... we will do it later.

i went to the rural studio a few weekends ago for some openings... both the hospital and the lioins park were having their openings. I went with the students of the GCCDS and the women of the GCCDS. We got to stay with Joey Aplin, a current Rural Studio thesis student,

this is the lions park dug out in greensboro, alabama. picture taken by christine.

this is the hospital courtyard in greensboro alabama. you can see more pictures of this on my flickr page

this was also deloris's first trip other than going home. she did pretty well.
deloris and i at the morrisette house standing by the pods. Picture taken by christine

on our trip we also visited the AMAZING Kennedy Print Shop. Amos Kennedy was kind enough to show us how letter press printing works, and let us make our own poster. Not only was the poster completely bad ass, but we did it while drinking wine, and eating cheese.

We have moved into our new office, and the GCCDS website is up.
Oh yeah, another note to james: please send me a picture and bio, so i can put it up on line.

so... things are going well... and you all have been reading me talking to james... well.. he was one of the students down here, but now he has his masters and is heading back down here. has posted a good guide to the folks down here. you should check it out.

and the only person left to describe is james, so i thought i would do it. although i am not nearly as funny or charming as james.

That being said the funny and charming James Wheeler was a student at UMN and now is the proud owner of a Masters Degree!!!!! He enjoys whiskey drinks and good scotch, and can build a damn good bar in an afternoon. While he was down here working on his higher education he was also giving his muscles to the red house and the nixon house. James was/and will be again when he returns to the coast, a frequenter of Sweets, and a lover of craw fish. James was my date for an evening at the Pub, and held my hand as we walked there from Hands On.

So... that is about it for now.... i will be better about posting in the future!!!

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