Monday, July 30, 2007

I heart biloxi tshirt is out!!!!

So, this is the new zenorschnitzel tshirt. Fresh off of the presses.
The print on the front is a picture of a beautiful house in East Biloxi that was damaged by Katrina, and still stands abandoned.
The print on the back is an outline of Mississippi with a heart on Biloxi. It is subtle and nice, but it is a bit hard to see in the picture

These shirts are a bit more pricey than the others, but that is because $10 from every shirt is going to a special project in Biloxi that the folks in my office choose. These are projects that make people happy that volunteer groups probably wont do. For example: one of our clients, she has a new house but she has always wanted a white picket fence. So the folks from our office are going to use this money to but the materials for the fence and then go out and build it. i will post online what projects we do so everyone who buys one will see where their money went. I will post that website soon.

these are available at my etsy store!


i have returned from vacation and i am back in the office.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

more people i love

I have just gotten back to auburn from atlanta. oh what a fun trip that was. Man. Probably not the best on my liver, but you know.... So here are the people i went to see in Atlanta. I heart them so much and miss them dearly.

My Sweet Gabby! This is her at El Myr for lunch yesterday! mmmm... burritos. I stayed with her and her boyfriend Armando who was sick and their 3 kitties, Ashford, Cleo, and Hyka. Gabby was the best of hosts as always, and she showed me a freakin great time, as always. I miss my gabby!

This is Miss Abby! She is another love of my life. Hell, all of these people here are loves of my life. Abby is awesome. We talked about cooking, and puppies, and tshirts, and photographs.

This is Keefe. He is my official Cobra Cupcake. I am so thankful for having him as a friend. He helps keep me sane for sure.

And finally an old friend Jamie. It was really good to see him. He was as sweet as i remembered. I have not seen jamie for probably 5 years or so. He even offered to make me cinnamon toast today. I should have taken him up on it!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

24 hours of old friends and counting

momma walking smudge

I have had a wonderful last 24 hours. I have printed an order of banana bread shirts and got those out which always feels wonderful. But it gets better than that.

I have spent the last few days livin up the auburn crowd. I have seen a lot of people that i love, that i miss.
I went by school and saw a professor of mine who i hold very dear to my heart.

momma and smudge junior

momma's front porch



and of course the ink...
and then i hung out with my friend Bliar. He lives in Japan. He is just here right now visiting his family, and he happened to be in auburn!!!!

so... i am at the printshop right now, waiting for my screens to dry, and i will be printing. Once i print all of my shirts, i will be heading to Atlanta to see my friends Abby, Gabby, and Keefe!
then i come back here and i am hanging out with my friend Brian, who i just happened to run into at the post office!!!!!! yeah! good times!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summary of Day 1 of Vacation

Yesterday morning i woke up and prepared my home for a bombing of fleas. This is not an enjoyable activity i must say. I had to pull all of my dishes out of my cabinets, all of my food in plastic bags, and cover up everything. That took me about 4 hours, getting everything ready. Then i loaded Deloris up in the car along with my stuff for my trip, and we got on the road.
so, summing up yesterday morning... miserable

The ride home was nice. It was definitely pleasant. I really enjoy driving and there was something really nice about watching the landscape change from coastal to what ever the east alabama landscape is called, but it is different. It also gave me a chance to think about a lot of stuff going on in my life. I have been so busy over the last week, that i have not been able to process anything, so that was nice and some what stress relieving.

I stopped by mammoth to tell everyone hello and give them a warning of my arrival. I will be working there today. Mammoth has moved into this huge building. I mean, it is gigantic. completely insanely big. Our old building was small, but i never realized how much space we needed. But it was nice to see everyone. I miss Mammoth a whole lot. It may be one of the biggest things i miss about auburn, besides my family, and of course, my kitties, Smudge and Smudge Jr.

Anyway, i went to Dudley Hall after i left mammoth, and walked around looking at projects, talking to folks. That was nice. I am going back today to meet up with Behzad.

I finally made it home. Jr. and Smudge greeted me. Smudge, who is extremely good at holding grudges, said hello, and then took off. This made it hard, because i needed to catch her. She knows how not to get shut up in a room. It took me about 5 minutes of running around to catch her. Jr., about 5 seconds.

Sorry.. i just realized how rambly this is getting. i will speed it up

I got Deloris in, stole a Heine light from my mom, and sat out on the front porch. Mom and i went to bar51, a cheesy new bar in auburn that trys to be south beach cool. No, that is unfair, but it is a little out dated to be the thing. it is aimed at not college students, but that is not gonna happen. they don't treat you like an adult there anyway. You have to give them your credit card to open a tab... what kind of adult bar is that? They do have these pretty bad ass lights, and there are some other nice moves that the architect/part owner made, but eh. I would rather be at the grocery. They are going to start serving tapas soon, and that might make the place better.

After we left Bar51, which i don't think i mentioned is in a strip mall by the interstate, (goodness, i need to stop being so mean) We haded for buffalows, down town for dinner. Then headed out to the duck, then we headed home.

Mom and i sat out side on the porch and looked at magazines and books. It was a nice evening. Now, for me, off to the porch for a little while with a book, and coffee.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Beginning My Vacation

So, I am beginning my vacation tomorrow morning. And i say tomorrow morning, because i have a bit to do to prepare for it tonight.

I am trying to get Myra's house to permit, which i am super close to. I have finished it, i am just making last minute corrections. I did my shear wall calculations today. This was the first time i have done this, and it seemed a bit more daunting than it actually was. It is weird how i can get caught up on certain things, when i am intimidated by them, but i always feel really good when i actually overcome those inhibitions and just do it. Wall sections used to do that to me, now i feel i can handle those pretty well. And as of today, i can do shear wall calculations.

I was supposed to head out of town yesterday morning, but it seemed silly to leave Myra's house waiting to go to the permit office, just so i could have an extra 2 days of vacation. Ultimately, in the end those two days will not matter to me, but i think the extra week and 2 days would matter a little more to Myra and her family. And it feels good to finish the house, and to conquer the battle of the shear wall, and to have a house go to permit. It feels good to have it done, and to be able to leave with something off of my plate, and to come back to a whole new project. And as silly as it may sound, it feels really good to work all weekend, really hard and very focused on something.

So, i am home now finishing up all of the changes. Deloris thought she would help me.

So. Yeah. Back to work, so i can head to Alabama tomorrow!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Things I virtually love

i am an online dork!

Here is another article from the NYT that everyone should read

Fema is in trouble because trailers are making people sick!

go figure.. all of that nasty material used to make them cannot be good for anyone! Please read this.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A long day

So, it has been a long day, but super productive. i am making the final adjustments and drawings for Myra's house. I have to get that done and out by the time i leave for vacation.

We also had a pretty exciting meeting today in the office. We did our normal reports about what we were working on and where we were in those projects, but David began discussing formally where we were headed as an office. It is pretty exciting. We are going to start working with new building systems, exploring those, like the insulated concrete forms and sips panels and what not. So that is super exciting. Right now we are just going to be learning as much as we can about those building systems.

We are also going to really start getting into larger community projects, like mixed use and stuff. More exciting!

We as an office are going to continue working on the Rosetti house that sergio palleroni and brian bell's group started. I mean physically working. so, again exciting. Looking for the upcoming months here in the office.

Alright, well i have been posting a lot of old pictures on my flickr! go check them out.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

me, running, shape, and overall health

me after today's run.... all sweaty and nasty and refreshed!

So i have been running for about 6 months. I don't run very far, but i am glad i am getting the exercise. I have never been a skinny one, but i think this is the best shape i have been in in a long time, maybe since i was an 8 year old in every sport possible. the regular exercise has been doing my body some good. I have never exercised on a regular basis like this, and i like it. Of course Deloris is keeping me motivated, because if i don't take her on a run or a walk she will drive me nuts with her excess of puppy energy.

me after today's run.... all sweaty and nasty and refreshed! I guess i am gettin a little smaller here and there.

So, on top of me getting a little smaller, i have also really gotten addicted to the feeling that comes along with running, or vigorous exercise. I love the feeling when i get home, when i am hot, sticky, a little exhausted and refreshed and full of oxygen. So this is what i look like after 8 months on the coast and 6 months of running.

My diet has also improved since i have gotten here. i have been eating a lot of fruit and veggies, and less bread and pasta. I have been eating less fast food, and more boiled shrimp, which is about $5.99 a pound boiled, and about the same price as anything you can get from a fast food place.

So the coast has been pretty good for my health for the most part. the only down side is that everything social down here generally happens in a bar, besides the Hands On stuff, but that is a 30 minute drive for me, so i dont end up doing that too often.

so my health status: better than ever.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ready to vacation!

I am so looking forward to my vacation. I am taking it next week. I will be printing shirts, and cleaning my room at my mom's house, hanging out with family, then heading to atlanta to see a bunch of folks. wahooooooooooo
for now, wrapping up stuff before i leave!

Monday, July 16, 2007

making bed hair better!

So, i am going to take a shower at night... ehhh... just to give my self a better bed hair! I am puttin off that shower so much. goodnessss..... but the pay off will be glorious! you will all see tomorrow on my flickr!

The Bed Hair Pool!

So, as anyone who knows me would know, i am a Flickr addict. I heart it so much.

I got invited to a new pool called Bed Hair. I posted one today, and i think i will try for a better one tomorrow. It was pretty weak, but i cant help it if i wake up with better hair than when i went to sleep.

The Flickr Bed Hair Pool

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Roy Jones Fight and Americorps Olympics

Yesterday was a pretty packed out exciting day to say the least.

Yesterday morning, i straightened up my apartment because my momma was coming. I know... this is not the exiting part of the day.

So Momma and her boyfriend Al came around lunch time and we headed up to Toronto's Boiler for some shrimp and crab. Mmmmm.. the shrimp were so good. They were big and plump and easy to peel and spicy. The crab looked good, but i was too busy eating my shrimp to notice.

We headed to John Henry Beck Park in Biloxi to watch the Americorps Olympics. I was supposed to be a judge, but they ended up not needing me, which was a good thing, because i could hang out with mom and al.

The Olympics were pretty entertaining. Not so much the actual olympics, i mean, they were ok, but the costumes were where it was at.

Erin and the Blue Surge!
The Yellow team aka Slippery When Wet

Marge of the Silver Stampede

Sarah of the Purple Rain and the GCCDS! Represent!

So after we were at the Americorps Olympics for a while we headed back home to get gussied up. Why? you might ask. Well we had a Boxing Match to go to. But before we could head off to see Roy Jones Jr. and Tony "the Tiger" Henshaw, we had to stop by Sweets. Said hello to everyone, had a beer, and headed off.

We got there at 5:30 to pick up our tickets. We went in side, found or seats, and found the concession stands. The first fight between ponytail and lightning(that is what we will call them, because i cant remember their names) was suprisingly a really good fight. THe following fights were a bit lame, but then came the main event!!!!


So, Jones stayed pinned against the ropes for more than half of the fight and he still managed to win. This was a bit weird, but i guess he did throw the most power punches. Still Hensha definitely controlled the fight forcing Jones to spend his time and energy blocking. Anyway, it was a good fight, there was a lot of energy in the ring, Henshaw is going to be a good boxer.

Friday, July 13, 2007

i heart cherries, i hate havin a cold, i suck at pinball

i love bing cherries. they are so yummy, and the are making me happy at the moment.

I am not a fan of having a cold. It is almost gone. I am ready for that to happen

I played pinball last night. I am really awful at it. Yet, i still play, and still enjoy it.

the band two gallants also make me happy. That is who i am listening to at this second, and for the next 45 minutes!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Still sick.... not gonna write much... you should read this!!

Road to New Life After Katrina Is Closed to Many
an article in the NYT that everyone should read!

DO IT... DO It

I am gonna try to get some work done.
Gotta think through this cloud, i feel better, just groggy, there are three of us in this office who have this.

I have a hair appointment to day
i have an interview with the Ocean Springs News Paper about my tshirts

I opened a new store : not very populated yet

My shirts are doin well at Jones: a southern culture store in Lexington, KY

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am officially sick.

I am one sick little thing. I went to sleep at 9pm last night, and woke up at midnight feeling like poo. I woke up at 2am feeling like poo. I woke up at 6am feeling like poo, but this time i have to stay up for a while.
My throat hurts, and my head hurts, and my eyes are puffier than i have seen them in a long time.
I am going to go to work, to see if i can get autoCAD working on my computer and then i am going to bring it home and try and finish up Myra's house, do some work on John Henry Beck Park, and some work on the website. I think i can finish Myra's house by lunch, if i get my computer working.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Myra's House is Changing, as you know

So, i have just begun to untangle Myra's roof issues. I am not as pleased with the street face, as i was before i realized it was a little bunk. I am happy however, that it is being resolved. It has lost a little bit, but it is still a perfectly good house, with 2 big porches. So, yeah, there is still a twinge of disappointment in my voice, but, i am way more happy than disappointed because the house is almost done, and Myra will begin seeing her new home come out of the ground.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

my new clothes line!

I have been wanting a clothes line for a long time. I love hanging my clothes out to dry instead of sticking them in the dryer. A)there is some thing relaxing about it, B) clothes smell good, C) it is better for the clothes, D) lower energy costs. E) in the summer it is quicker than throwing them in the drier.

That being said, I was up at sweets one night, talking about wanting to make a clothes line. Well, Rick, one of the customers said he had some galvanized poles that i could have. he said he had 3 of them. So, that was the kicker of making my dream of having a clothes line a reality.

i wanted to make my clothes line poles look like people, but christine and sarah said that was probably not a good idea, because it sounded like i was going to make crucified jesus's. I figured they were right, so i would just stick the poles in the ground like a normal person would.

Rick dropped off the poles early this past week, and yesterday, i had to go to lowes for work, so i went ahead and and bought the eye bolts, the washers, a big enough drill bit, and some quick-crete.

I started this morning, drilling the holes in the posts, and assembling the hardware, and digging the holes, then it got hot, and with my celebration of the working women's holiday, i wasnt feeling good, and needed to sit in the cool for a little while. So i did.

i went back out there and mixed up the concrete and poured it.

The whole thing was surprisingly quicker than i thought it would be, and that kind of excites me.

The other thing that excites me is that tomorrow, weather permitting, i am going to hang my clothes out side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the sun made this picture come out funny. It is the only picture i took that shows the three posts. ooops..

Working Women's Day Off!

Captain Dan Bartending!!!!

So yesterday was working women's day off at Sweets Lounge. It is a beautiful holiday that is recognized at Sweets once a year! They get the regular male customers to work the bar in 2 hour shifts. But wait, it gets better, not only do the women not have to work, but we also get all of the tips. The men cant touch the tips. So last night, i got a little drunkie, watched a band, Kolija, and got paid $111 for it. Oh it was a beautiful night. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The glory of it all!

barry bartending!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Momma's comin! and a nice integration of the coast/

Well, my Momma will be here in about 2 hours. I am excited. We are going to go to La Bakery when she gets here for a vietnamese poboy and a bubble tea.

Sunday night i went to see a band that was produced from hands on and the pub. It was Bicycle Ben, Will, and Cindy's boyfriend, whose name i cannot remember. Ben and Will both used to live at hands on. Ben used to make bicycles for the community and Will still does construction with Hands On. Cindy is one of the bartenders at the Pub, which is the bar next to Hands On.

picture from christine

Not only were they pretty good, and entertaining, but it was nice to see some of the people who come down here get integrated into the local society. They were not only just drinking at the pub, but they were playing for everyone at the pub, and with a local drummer at that. It was a happy moment. I am going to try to get them to play at Sweets soon.

Anyway, thats about all that has been going on. I am looking forward to spending the 4th at the beach with my mom. I have heard the evening on the beach in Biloxi on the 4th is like a friendly Normandy. Everyone shooting fireworks, sometimes at each other. Hopefully, Thursday, i will still have both of my eyes :)