Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A to do list that includes a to do list.

make my to do list for your town.
clean my desk.

i have made my todo list and i have alot of stuff i aint gonna put up there

but i do want to post about a few things...
first is the Wooster Collective.
Freakin awesome. please check it out. They post a lot about art they see on the streets. It is amazing.

Second is the Independant Curators International

My gears are runnin.....

Monday, August 28, 2006


I am so much looking forward to coming to auburn this weekend, to see friends and print. I am so excited infact i think that my week is going to seem like a year. I miss Mammoth and miss printing.
I am also going to atlanta to see my best friend gabby. ohhh... how i miss my gabby.

so, with all of that to look forward to, it is really difficult to think about what i should be doing right now.

What i am looking at right this second :the helvetica film
I am eager to see that film. a film about a type face. who would have thunk it.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fruit Salad

So, today i made fruit salad. I really like the stuff, and i dont eat enough fruit, so i thought i would make some. I went to the grocery store and bought some apples and bananas and oranges and cut it all up and added blueberry yogurt. MMMMMMmm
I made a jug of iced tea too. Another thing that i like that i dont do often enough.
I am gonna make black beans and rice tonight.

today i have been downloading podcasts.
moma has a few really nice ones
i also got hauz29, adult swim, made magazine, and npr's this i believe

i am going to load up my ipod when i get home. i guess i should to that right now.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tshirts today

Yesterday afternoon was pretty fun. I dont really know how much real work i got done yesterday afternoon, but i had a good time.
At 11:00 People from the Small Town Center and i went to check out the East Oktibbeha County High School Project. The Small Town Center is working on an outdoor classroom for them. It is going to be a pretty nice project, and i hope the students really enjoy it.

From EOCHS we went to this wonderful little BBQ house called Miah's. That is pronounced Mayas, and it is short for Jeremiah. The lively lady running the place, Wendy, named it after her nephew. Wendy was awesome. You should really go meet her. I bet her husband is as much of a character. I will try to get directions to the place up as soon as i can get them from my co workers. Anyway, there is not really any place to sit there, because according to Wendy, her husband spends too much time fishing. There are four chairs to sit in and that will suit anyone just fine. We all ordered the pulled pork sandwich, fries and a sprite. It was amazing. I give this place 5 stars.

Today, i am working on getting everything ready for next friday.
I have to order shirts
finish I love cartouche shirts
make a plan for friday
update webpage

9:15 am - I have updated my webpage, and created a myspace page for zenorschnitzel. It is kind of stupid right now. i am going to work to make it a bit nicer, but probably not today.

1:49 pm - I have been slower to update my to do blog today. well, i finished making all of the film for my i love cartouches shirts. and i have a good start on Butch's webpage.
It has been a long time since we last updated his page, because it is a complete pain in the ass to update it. so i made this one. So he can update some of it, and i dont have to worry about updating the 127 pages that are in his current website.

Friday, August 25, 2006

gonna get it done

i am wrapping up a bunch of stuff that i have been working on this week. yippeeeee
the notebooks for the 3 workshops
if i can get the schedules for the other two, but they are all formatted
ordering shirts for next week
entering in all contacts for the workshops
the mississippi house.

well that is pretty much what i am doing. it feels good that i have gotten all of this stuff to where i can finish it today.

plans for this weekend: i am not going home this weekend, but i might be going to oxford ms to see Jake Fussell Play cause he is damn good.
if i go up there i am totally going to square books, and i am going to see if i can find a group of people to go see graceland 2

then i am gonna park it in the not so all night diner that i mentioned earlier and get a ton of work done.
design the i love cartouches shirt
put more stuff on my website
get business cards ready to print
get other stuff ready to print for friday!!
work on the mississippi house
Start Bs' new website

that is about all that is going on todya.
have a great afternoon

Thursday, August 24, 2006

yeah!!!! take that threadless


ha ha

oh yeah... and if you want to buy the banana nut bread shirt
go here


Good morning,
I have another day of a lot to do.
not really looking at much right now.
Tomorrow is the last day to special order a shirt.
just send me an email.
have a good day

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

meal plan menu and to do list

Last night, i held the meal plan again. I have not been good at updating about the meal plan
Last night i served :
My Famous Burgers(formerly lucas's famous burgers) secret recipe
with lettice, tomato, sharp cheddar cheese, jalopenos, onion, and spicey mustard.
Roasted Potatoes with garlic and rosemary.

Upon Request of people at work i made banana breadthis morning.

No meal plan tonight, but tomorrow night it is on.
Tenative Menu:
Grilled Chicken
Lima beans and okra
some dessert. maybe cake or something. i have a lot of bananas. maybe banana pudding. I have my grandma's recipie.

Yesterday was a day of a lot of letter writing and email writing
Today, i have to write 2 more letters
call columbus ms parks and rec
work on skate park proposal
work on the house for the coast

today i am not listening to anything, because i left my head phones at home.
and i am sorry i did not post what i was looking at yesterday
if i get a break i will.

Oh and i almost forgot.... the last thing on my todo list.:
make the new zenorschnitzel limited edition t. (of 24)
i think it is going to be called i love cartouches.

we will see.

Monday, August 21, 2006

A good project on the coast

the model home project
a competition put on by architecture for humanity.
i would suggest looking at it. there are a lot of big players in there.
also, the MSU gulf coast design studio has a submission.

toga parties are a little weird and outlook is a little overwhelming

So today, i am switching completly to outlook. it is a little weird. I have been using outlook express (because i thought that was all i had on my computer) and that just was not meeting my needs. So i am busy updating all of my addresses and contacts and what not.

As for the toga party, well i went to one saturday night, and it was just plain weird. A bunch of people dressed in sheets standing between two trailers, fights breaking out, big trucks, hunch bunch the temperature of the night, and 3 floated kegs. I wish i could have had video cameras going. but i didnt. Other than that i dont think i really enjoied it all that much.

So, today, i am mailing out a lot of letters, and getting outlook all set up. that is pretty much it

oooohhh.. check this out... see where your last name is ranked

sorry mom, is not in the top 55000 most common names in america

Thursday, August 17, 2006

untitled for the moment

yesterday's post was a bit incomplete.
and later today i will finish posting all of the books clifton brought in.

i like little things as much as the rest. this was awesome. i aplaud these people for doing this right. little burgers, but they did not stop there. this was super complete. could you imagine a party with a bunch of little burgers for dinner?
click here to see the complete meal. it is freakin sweet.


things i am looking at:
bone socks these are pretty nice

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today: A model

Today, i am going to be building a model, and continuing to work with clifton on the graphics.

unitl clifton gets ready to get going, or ann and david get here with the model stuff, i am going to look at books that clifton brought to look at

Those books are:

Envisioning Information - by edward tufte
the visual display of quantitative information - by edward tufte

The Graphic Artist and his Design Problems - by josef

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Right now i am looking at roadside art


No more Photoshop Collages

I am going to get my hair cut today. I am pretty excited, because it really needs it. And i have been avoiding getting my hair cut in starkville because i haven't known who to go to.
Finally i got a good recomendation that i trust a bit. Tokros.
I will see. Obviously my trust is not too deep.

We have been cleaning out the small town center. it is looking good. I finally have storage for my stuff.

This week, I am working with cliffton on the graphics for the bypass guidelines for Mississippi. It is a pretty cool project. we are getting to make these graphics in a way i have never done before. I have always photoshopped things to hell and back, and this time i am going to be using illustrator mostly. I have to. Cliffton, the graphic designer of the Small Town Center is making me. He says he is tired of the photo shopped collages. So, good for me, because i am learning how to illustrate, and good for cliffton because he doesnt have to see my photoshop collages.

Things to do today.
Come up with a filmstrip of sorts that show what we are going to be illustrating.
Defining exactly what the individual graphics are going to be
defining the way the illustrations will look
Get my hair cut
work on the information for the piccaune your town workshop

after work....
resize images of submissions from unselfconscious alabama
figure out how all of that will go online
update tshirts on shopify
figure out what shirts i need to print
order shirts
buy nephew a birthday present.

10:49 - we have made a pretty detailed outline of what illustrations have to be made. now time to move on to the actual filmstrip and sketching.

1:19 - I have a new head. It looks pretty nice. back to work

Monday, August 14, 2006

The day after a lot of accomplishing

Last night, i got home, worn out, but feeling good because of all i had accomplished. I worked for an entire day, with out much interruption(besides gettign kicked out of the all night diner). This is rare. I usually have things to do, or things that come up. But yesterday I was fluid. (this partially has to do that my cell phone died at around 11:00 am.)

I watched one of those detective shows that comes on all the time, and the evening east mississippi news. One thing that caught my eye was the push for a skate park in Columbus, MS.

they do amazing work , and i had really almost forgotten them for a second.

This is a picture of the skate park that they did as an installation 2000. Those guys came and spoke to Rural Studio while i was out there. They are awesome.

well. thats is about it right now. more later

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Today is a day with stuff to do.

Today's to do list:
i am making them italic as i get them done and will link the appropriate ones.

Finish Black Thumb Website.
finish art page
identity alabama this one was a time consuming one. man!!!!
identity paris this page did not take as long.
older art - i think i will do this later
add press page
add news page
shop link

Work on Zenorschnitzel website
arrow signs
hide your arms
unselfconscious alabama

business card

work shirt

Update store

So, i am sitting at this all night diner trying to get things done. as you can see, i have a lot to do today. that is why i am sitting in the Starkville diner. they are 24 hours, they have a bottomless cup, a large menu of good cheap food to choose from, and free wireless.

so far i have had coffee, water, a scrabled egg sandwich for breakfast and a hamburger for lunch. and i have practically finished off a bottle of louisana hot sauce eating those.

as of right now - 11:36, i have not been able to check off anything on my list, but that will change soon. alright, i have a nice full belly, and a fresh cup of coffee.... back at it.

it is 12:41 and i have just heard bad news..... the diner is closing at 3. i was under the impression that this place was open 24 hours. ahhhh.... oh well. i must finish!!!!!! no completions yet. but soon.

3:00 - so i have finished the identity pages for black thumb and the supposivly all night diner is closing cause it is sunday. yes. i am in the south. well... it looks like i am headed to the office to finish this stuff up. alright. till then. atleast i have made some accomplishments today!!! and i bet phillip jones off black thumb is pretty happy i am finally doing this.

4:10- after being kicked out of the all night diner(except on sundays) i had to go to my office. I used to be able to do work from home. But the people who used to give me free internet (i know in their hearts they would have wanted me using their bandwidth if they would have known i was doing it) have moved on. i am waiting for some new kids on the block to give it to me free. but until then i will have to rely on MSU, Barnes and Noble, and the almost All Night Diner. So i have uploaded the identity pics(links above) and i am working on getting the older art up.
right now i am listening to the Pine Hill Haints from Florence(and at one time Auburn), Alabama. this entry has way too many parenthesis so it is time for me to get back to work, and to stop hurting your brain and making you read through my bad grammar.

4:49 - I have almost finished blackthumb. I now have to wait for the owner to give me some text and it will be finished(except for the old art stuff) well.... i am gonna take a break

7:51 - well... i did not get all the stuff i wanted done, but that is ok. i got a lot more than i have in a long time. so... i guess that is good. i am going home. i am hungry (if i were at the all night diner, if that was what it really was, i would not be having this problem right now)

Things i am looking at:
this crazy awesome man who takes his picture every day(thanks kate)

Chris Glass has a pretty nice webpage.
Kates new paperless semmester