Sunday, December 31, 2006

my gardening day!

Today i spent the morning gardening. I got bags of brocolli, and carrots, lettuce, onions, turnips,peas, and spinach. here are a few pictures of the community gardens in biloxi. I also visited the extension office in biloxi, where i was told to help my self.
the bottom is a picture of broccoli flowers. I have them in glasses in my house right now.
they are beautiful.

deloris the trooper

deloris is a real trooper. I went to jonate and mary lynn 's wedding yesterday, but it was closer to my mississippi home than my alabama home. So, i had to bring deloris. I also had to bring all of my stuff for my place back. Well, i left a little place for her to sit, where she could lay down, and put her head out the window and so on, well she hopped up on the tables i had in my car, and rode almost the entire way that way. silly girl. She was in the car from 11 am to about 8 pm with a few quick potty breaks. what a good girl she was, and i promised her a good walk when we got home, but it was raining, and i dont mean a little drizzle, i mean it was pouring, and lightening, and all. So, i took her out a few times, but i felt a bit bad cause she did not get to enjoy much of the day. Poor deloris.
anyway, here are some pictures of deloris, and i along with all of my stuff, all packed into the little versa. oh yeah, i need to say this. the Nissan versa completely rocks. It is tiny, but you can fit almost anything in there. i am shocked i got my two folding tables in there.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

this has been a week.

i have been working at the print shop during the break to help with the added costs of moving to a new place. It has been pretty fun and is nice to get back to that place. i miss everyone.
I went to Lineville, to visit my aunt and uncle and cousins there. Both of my cousins have new babies. It was fun to play with babies, but i can tell you that it will be a while until i have any!!!!

My brother got maried last thursday. That was pretty awesome. It was nice to see all of the family and friends again. Saturday night, i went to a christmas party that i have been going to for as long as i can remember. I saw a lot of the Math Department there and ate a lot of food.

Man i have eaten a lot, and i am looking forward to going back home and going back to my gym. I miss that place. So does my belly

Well. that is pretty much all for right now.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

My christmas was pretty nice. I think i gave my self the best present of all. I deleted my myspace and face book profiles. Ahh the relief.

It is a relief of not having to check another thing during my day, it is a relief that people, i dont know will stop emailing me in the slowest manner possible. It is the relief of knowing that i dont need to maintain such a site to keep in touch with friends. If anyone who knows me really wants to get in touch with me, they can find me. I am not hard to find. Ahhhh..... the peace.

No myspace and facebook were really not that big of a burden, i just usually got a bit stressed out about it for some reason. And it made me really nosey! i dont need to be in other people's business. I know they put it online, but honestly i was getting nosey, or i dont really care, and i was just wasting time.

So, one step towards simplifying my world.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lane Cake and Christmas Eve

Tonight i helped mom make lane cake, really all i did was put the iceing on, but it turned out pretty nice looking. Here is a picture.

We opened presents tonight!
i got a new coat, a travel dog carier, and a bunch of chocolate, and a flash light, some champangne, a wine opener, some other dog stuff, and a smoke detector.
merry christmas

Hey! How are you doing

This is about my return to Auburn for the holidays.

Last night, gabby and I went out, as we do on most holidays. It is pretty the same thing every year. It just has gotten to be a bit weird and awkward. Everyone who grew up here comes back, and when they get released from their family functions, they flock to the one or two bars that are open. No need for our 10th year reunion, we have christmas eve eve, christmas eve, and christmas. Maybe we should elect a christmas barhopping organizer, to make everyone nametags, so it can be official.

I heard "Hey! How are you doing?" about 50 times last night. If they remembered my name, it would be Hey, Jessie, How are you doing? where are you these days, are you still in auburn? what are you doing down there? are you married? are you dating anyone?
yeah... outside of the people i was really close with in highschool, it seems like a contest for who is getting their life together the fastest. It is all fine and well, it is just weird, because just a few years ago(well maybe a little more than a few years ago) we were more conserned with scoring a beer, or who would be homecoming queen. It is just weird. I know i am growing up, but it is weird seeing others grow up, and grow up a lot faster. (Kids, Married, strollers...ect)

so, when you go to your next christmas bar hopping in your home town, remember that everyone is gonna ask Hey! How are you doing? try to think of somethin a little more genuine to say if you really care about the person, or show them your lack of care by using the default, Hey How are you doing?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

whimping out on Magnolia

Well, I have been living on magnolia in East Biloxi. The area was not so good, it is known for having a crack house on that street and other trouble like that. But i figured that i would be able to keep my nose down, and no one would bother me, and i would be able to live there.
But, sunday night, i woke up to my deloris barking loud, and looked out my door and saw a flash light pointed into my house, looking around. I think deloris scared who ever off, but it still really freaks me out.
So yesterday, i spent the day looking for a place to live, and i am going to the other extreme and moving to Ocean Springs. I found a place that is cheap for the gulf coast, in a good neighborhood and walking distance from the Walter Anderson Museum.. The community is really nice, and very dog friendly. They have art galleries, antique shops, coffee shops, and nice little restraunts. so it is a huge change from east biloxi.
The only thing is that, i feel like i am whimping out a bit and giving up on the neighborhood, that in every other way has welcomed me. I am a little upset that i dont feel safe there. I like my neighbors a lot and will miss having them around. Denise, my landlords lady , and i sat out side last night for a while and drank a few beers, and i will miss that. she is a riot. She is loud and spiritful. She let me into her garden and invited me to her cookouts, and introduced me to everyone she knew.
Renee and Frank are amazing too. they would stand out side and talk to me for a long time. we would drink beers, and have a good ole time. Frank would come over anytime i called if i got scared or thought i heard something. Frank works with the center, so i will see him pretty often. I work in east biloxi and will still be able to return to my old street that is located within a real neighborhood, but i am moving, and i hate that i feel i have too.
And i know this is nieve and overly optimistic sounding, but it is hard for me to believe, that there are places in this country that i really feel unsafe at. Places that are neighborhoods, and everyone knows everyone on the street, and people are always out side, places that jane jacobs would probably deem safe, are unsafe for me. I had a hope in the urban condition, that it would prevail, and really i am sure it will, but for me, i cannot live there and sleep well at the same time. so i am moving to the uber white and ultra rich community of ocean springs. Which, i dont mean to put down. It is a great community, i just feel i am whimping out and adding to the white flight of east biloxi. I am retreating from my place that i so wanted to work out, to go to the place that is easy.
So, i, Jessie Zenor, am whimping out. Sorry East Biloxi. Sorry Magnolia Street, Sorry Denise, Connell, Frank and Renee.
Sorry to Halley Berry, the Magnolia Street Porcupine Dog.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

a good video

a nice video

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

getting to know my area, and trying to get warm

well, i am trying to get warm, and i am getting there. i have covered up all of my missing windows, and a friend is comign to help replace those in the next few days. I have gotten a fridge, and a crock pot. I have never had a crock pot but since i dont have a stove so i had to do something. I am not a big fan of it but i am glad i can make soup. It also puts off a lot of heat, so thats nice.

I met all of my neighbors, and they seem pretty nice. Deloris met the magnolia street dog, and they have to play every time i take deloris out. The street dog's name is Halley Barry. She is a Katrina dog. She survived the storme and looks a little like a porcupine.

This weekend i went to the festival downtown biloxi. Everyone kept stopping me to see my Deloris. THey love her.

Today, i spent most of the day working in the St. Louis Building (which is our new office building) I got to hammer in a bunch of nails including my thumb nail. that kind of sucked.
I also got to help raise of walls. It was pretty neat, because i really havnt ever done that.

Oh yeah, i got a fridge.

I gave my neighbor a beer to help me move it up stairs. I gave him a beer todaytoo. i think this must be a trend.

I am sitting on my new bed. Oh yeah, i got a bed. It was kind of a sketchy place. It was this warehouse, with all of these beds with funky fabric. It was weird but i got a good price. so. i aint askin any questions.

I am sorry this post is jumping around. I am listening to This American Life, which is one of the best of radio shows in the world. Ok so i am going to stop writing now. I will fill you in on the rest later. I am going to continue listening ot the radio. it is good.
good night, and good luck.

Friday, December 01, 2006

It got cold

Last night i went to bed with a fan on and the screen door open, and it was warm. I woke up this morning to a freezing cold house, i mean cold, it was 30degrees this morning. it was difficult to get out of my sleeping bag.
So, i am getting my bed today hopefully. That is pretty exciting. No more sleeping on the floor. No more deloris eating my hair in the middle of the night!!!!!!

So as far as work is going, the website is coming along well. I am hoping to send it to the university review board this week and have it up and running by the first of the year.

Students from SCAD are here helping the Gulf Coast Community Design Center get some things done. THey have 14 students and 4 faculty and they have been wonderful. THey have completed resurveying all of the houses in east biloxi, so i can update the map with all of that info. They have measured four houses that we will be working on, they are mold treating the rectory (the future home of some of the East Biloxi Coordination Center's offices) , surveying all of the historic properties in east biloxi, and analyizing this area on division that we are going to be working on.

I am currently working on this demonstration housing project, which will be a small group of structures that show different types of building styles. I am also working on the website, and getting the maps updated. Once the students from SCAD get the measuring done on the houses i will probably take one or two of those.

Well, That is about it for today. I am glad that tomorrow is saturday, i will have a chance to really get some more work done on the house. I am going to tackle the bathroom, and paint all of the trim in the house, and patch the walls in my kitchen. I am also going to get a chest of drawers, and maybe a small fridge. i dunno, but this weekend will be productive aslong as i can keep deloris from eating all of the paint.
have a good day.