Friday, June 29, 2007

Workin at the Park

Yesterday, I was able to get out of the office for the day and work on the roof of the porch of the red house at John Henry Beck Park. (sorry for the long sentence) It came at a much needed time, because i was getting pretty fed up with the work on Myra's house yesterday. It was nice to be able to step away from it for a second.
That is Jody and I above putting on the fascia board. She is a real pro! I am glad i am getting out into the field a little more. I am learning so much about building.

This is the Red house from the community gardens.

I finally got a picture of Jason!

I think this is the most American picture I have ever taken. The ladies of the office were definitely kicking ass on that roof! Jason rocked it too!

I have to say that, i am learning so much down here. It is really great that i get to work in the office, and design houses and stuff... and then go out into the field and construct the stuff. I went to rural studio, but that was before i had real experience(even though i just have a little now) with making buildings. Which is the glory of rural studio, but i am learning how to make buildings for real. it is pretty awesome. The construction aspect is really teaching me a lot. Especially since i am drawing similar things when i am in the office.

Well, back to work...Today, i am going to take another few good stabs at Myra's roof, then work on the park's master planning a little. There have been so many minds on the park project, that it has gotten a little rowdy, so James and I are going to try to bring it back together.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I have made a mess of myra's house!!!

So, I have made a big mess of Myra's house. Pretty late in the game of working on the drawings(about to finish construction docs) realized that the ceiling in the living room was unacceptable at a 17' height. This may sound obvious,but i have just been overlooking the fact.
Below is a working drawing of the section....with the17' ceiling. Now, it looks alright, but i think that it would be cavernous.

Below is a drawing of me working out a lower ceiling, more around 14'. But in doing so, the house has become a bit lopsided. some might say... i like asymmetrical things...but this just looks plain unintentional, because, it was. it looks sloppy. So, i am trying to work through this, and cover up my mess up. I know that the below image is reversed from that above, but that is because i am starting to work on the back elevation, which, is probably the most critical one. (besides the fact that on the front elevation you will be able to notice that the roof slopes are just a bit off from each other, which also looks completely sloppy.)

below is what the back of myra's house was going to look like. it looked so much better.

I feel as though i am failing her a little. I will get it back to some kind of goodness, but not the simple goodness that was before. ahhhh aggrivation. and it is all my fault. Well, at least i will have a puzzle to work on for the rest of the week. Then i have to spend the next week getting the construction documents back to where it should be. Oh, sad day! It will be a happy day for me when i resolve this mess! Messy Jessie strikes again!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I got to shake Haley Barbour's Hand Yesterday

Gov. Haley Barbour visited our office yesterday, and I got to shake his hand. Just letting all of you know!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A House for Myra...

This is what i am working on right now:

It is a 3 bedroom house, in East Biloxi for Myra and her two Children.

there are a few more screen shots on my flickr.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mint Julep Time

Oh yes! I have learned the art of making a Mint Julep, and it is a wonderful thing.
I know some people think it is a waste of good bourbon, but i think they are mistaken. Don't get me wrong now, i am one of the first to say that ice messes up bourbon, but these things are glorious. They are amazingly refreshing, and cool.... the glass frosts up on the outside, and the mint, and the sugar. I am also not one for sweet drinks, but damn. These things are amazing. This gets my number one vote for best drink of the summer. I guess you could say No.2 would be a nice cold beer, and No.3 best summer drink is a Salty Dog.

The New Mississippi Gulf Coast Book Club


One of my friends showed me this today... and i just wanted to share with everyone i know that the pentagon thinks that a way to destroy an enemy military is to turn them all gay, and that even turning an entire military gay would be possible. My real question is this.... what happens to the people who are already gay? Huh? Can people get gayer? Do they turn Straight? What's up with this? And if the Pentagon thinks that being gay is a downfall of society, will they just leave all of those enemy soldiers gay? or do they have a way to return the enemy combatants straight again? Wait! this just hit me. Maybe the Pentagon has figured out a way to fix all of 'the Gays' in america. Yes! we can all sleep sounder knowing that our neighbor will not be gay any more. GIVE ME A F"N BREAK! Our government is so messed up some times. I cant believe that the Pentagon felt safe suggesting that this was a possibility. Or, that someone who was gay, was not as good of a soldier as someone who was not and that this was even a way to defeat an enemy. Ok.. i am going to stop because i am getting even more agitated.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The biggest fight at sweets, and the freakin awesome house!

So, last night, at sweets, there was the biggest fight I have seen in there. It was a pretty crappy night. I made a lot of money last night, but it still sucked. I am not going to go into too much detail about the fight, but it was pretty ridiculous. I have honestly never seen such a scene of immaturity, and a lack of self respect, respect for the bar, the customers, or the employees. Anyway. enough of that.

Here is the super awesome house, the possible future home of the Jessie|James Show. It is so southern Mississippi it is not even funny. It even has the light blue ceiling on the porch.

This is the front of the house

This is the drive way

This is the storm shelter in the back yard/future dog house!

This is the huge fenced in back yard!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My garden!

Well, i have a plot in the Clara Watson community gardens in the John Henry Beck Park in Biloxi, i think i have mentioned it earlier, but i have a bunch of stuff planted and growing right now. It looks a little whimpy right now, but it is young. I am sure it will be jungle in no time.
i have eggplant, tomatoes, peppers,onions, carrots, beets, squash, cucumbers, peas, greens and okra growing in there right now. I am going to be eating well this summer. Weeeeeeeeeee.....

I have been trying to plan out my vacation this summer. It is kind of hard. I dont want to take too long off of work, but i want to go to a few different places, oh yeah, i dont have enough money to go all out while i am on vacation. I think i am going to drive to atlanta, fly to NYC, go to PS1, take a bus to Boston, and fly back to atlanta. then drive back to Ocean Springs. that way i get to see friends in 3 different cities which will be nice. I also have the option to just go to auburn and atlanta, but i really want to get out of the south for a little while. Oh well... we will see what happens.

well, i have to get back to work.

Right now listening to KEXP! i love that station!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tribute to the F-Word Jar

My friend sent me this after i told him about the F-word Jar at Sweets, and all of the excitement that goes along with it. I only wish that folks at sweets could be as excited about it as these folks are.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the new business card

They are at the printer!!!!! Sorry for this bad quality image. I was trying to get this done quick
soon. I promise, i will get a better image up. but for now.... here you go. I have sent them to the printer, and we are waiting for the money stuff to go through MSU, then they will be printed.

A night back in alabama with a few minutes in florida

Still no phone, well i have my mom's but it is almost like not having a phone. It did not save any numbers from my last phone, which means that i do not have any numbers since i have been on the Mississippi gulf coast. So, if you are reading this, and you met me on the coast, call me or email me and give me your number back!

I went to Orange Beach to hang out with my mom for a day, and we went to this place called the Flora-Bama last night. It was my first trip to the infamous shack/bar, and i loved it. I want to make it back. anyway.... i will make a longer post later

james: i will enplane more about the eviction party later.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A pretty awesome day and a kind of weak evening

I had a really enjoyable day today. After staying at sweets last night late because of the tiny crowd we had, i got only 5 hours of sleep, which usually , for me, would have meant a long and hard day to come. But, i got up at 7 because deloris woke me up, and started off strong. I went grocery shopping, and began to prepare for my house sitter, and then went to biloxi to work at miss ethels house.
I sanded putty on the window trim. This may sound like a very uninteresting job, and it got a little repetitive, but at the same time it was really enjoyable. I like that kind of work every once in a while. It gave me a chance to focus zenlikely(is this a word) on one task. It was a task that did not need a lot of thinking but yet needed a lot of attention. Along with the crew at Miss Ethel's, i went to La Bakery for lunch and got a Xa Xiu Poboy. It was the first time i have had that one, and it was not bad. I still think that the Thit Nuong is better, but that was a nice break from my normal. I did have to stay some what regular with my bubble tea selection... Avocado and Almond, with bubbles, skim milk, half the sugar, and no whipped cream. It is one of my favorite things to eat.

After lunch, i went back to miss Ethel's house and worked for a while, but when the rest of the crew was ready to knock off, i had to leave too. I went to the community gardens and checked on my plot. I harvested a bunch of tomatoes and a few beets. The gardens have been having a difficult time finding people to sign up for watering days, so i decided to go ahead and water the entire garden. Also a zenlike activity. I will post some pictures of the gardens and maybe miss ethels soon.

When i got home, i was understandably a bit sleepy. So i took a nap, and deloris took a nap on the floor next to me. When i woke up, i realzed my phone was not working. I have one of those blackberry pearl things, and i have to say that it is the biggest piece of crap i have ever had. Maybe i just got a lemon, because my mom has the same phone, and hers is working perfectly. Anyway, I tried taking out the battery and the sim card, and it didnt work, the only thing that happened was a little red light came on and my flash for my camera came on and stayed on.

I had to go to sweets to call tmoblie. They are sending me a new phone, so i guess all is well, except i dont have a phone for a few days and that means i dont have internet at my house for a few days. That being said, i am at Hands on right now checking my email. I came to biloxi tonight to go to the "Try to get tim avicted party" and it was kind of lame. It was not the normal awesome Hands On crowd, but a whole bunch of people no one knew. There was even a fight, which, outside of sweets, is not really alright with me. So i left and came here to check my internet presence.

Well that is about it. Off to the Ocean Springs.
Night Night.

Right now i am not listening to anything because i am at hands on, and it is lights out already, unless you consider the guy next to me who keeps blowing his nose in the air something i am listening to. But i am trying my best not to listen. Any way. Good night, and i will have a phone monday!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Hurricane Season!

So, it is hurricane season now. Scarry! I can only hope that we get missed this year, and that no one experiences a storm with the magnitude of Katrina. I can tell you that I will be getting my booty out of here with any storm that comes this way. This shit scares me.

F That!!!! That's 50 cents!!!

So, at Sweets Lounge, there is a rule that if you say the F-Word, you have to put 50 cents in the F-Word Jar. Alright, so it kind of sucks, and i have been known to use that word a few times in my life, but its only 50 cents, and the money goes to pay for the cookouts. So, that being said, i have been as good as i can be at catching people for the 50 cent rule. Last night, a regular came in, and he was already pretty drunk. I did not realize how drunk he was until i had already served him his beer. Any way, he was spouting off the F-Words left and right. I let a few slide, but i asked him not to say it again. He got real mad and said it 2 more times. I asked for a dollar, but he refused to pay it. I told him he needed to leave, and he kept bitching. He finally asked if he could finish his beer. I told him if he sat there and shut his mouth and drank his beer real quick he could finish it, but if he opened his mouth i would make him leave. He sat there for about a minute, but his mouth just couldn't help it.... he was back at bitching about having to pay a dollar. I told him to leave, he refused and kept bitching. I had to call Rachel, my boss. She walked up to the bar, in her pj's, hair in a scrunchy, pulled from bed over the F-Word. She was pissed. She grabbed the bottle from his hand and said, get out. He wanted to bitch a little more, and Rachel grabbed the phone, got right in his face, and said we can do this the easy way or the hard way.... i was standing back, letting her do her thing, and thinking about how much of a cowboy scene it was. He still refused to leave; and Rachel called the LAW! He finally left, and as usual the entire bar had to talk about it for another hour. We called the LAW off, and everything was alright.

Oh my goodness, i still cant believe that we had to call the LAW over the F-Word. Ahhh...

Anyway, yesterday the ductwork at the center was being installed. So, not only was there scaffolding over my desk but my skin itched because of the fiberglass in the air. The same thing will probably be taking place today, but at the time the picture below was taken, they had made it past my desk, so no more scaffolding over my head. YEAH! Here is the view from my desk!

Right now i am listening to NPR, because that is what i do in the morning.