Monday, October 29, 2007

Wetlands - They are supposed to be wet!

Can i please go back to my happy sunday, of the woods, cooking, naps, baseball and hour long baths? please? can i?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

broken lip and broken foot!

I played frisbee last night, as i do most tuesdays these days, and it started off nice it was cool outside, the first time i did not feel i was dieing of dehydration within the first 15 minutes... it was so perfect... until... UNTIL Will threw the frisbee to me, and it was a bullet. It was coming at me faster than i could tell, and I cought it,but i think i was trying to catch it with my face as well, because it was stopped by both my hands and my lip. I turned around and threw the frisbee real fast, and grabbed my lip and it was bleeding, and if you have ever had a busted lip, you know it bleeds, and bleeds. I got blood all down the sleeve of my sweatshirt, and ran inside Salvo, and got a paper towel. I bled all over that, and it was not a bad cut, it just bled and bled.
I sat out for the rest of that game, until the water break, and i joined in on the next one, because my lip had finally stopped its gushing.
I was playing hard again, my lip felt funny because it was swollen, but it did not hurt. It was not 10 minutes of hard playing until i was chasing the frisbee, and i felt it. I had stepped funny, and it felt like a bunch of stuff moving around inside of my foot. I stopped dead in my tracks. It hurt. Bad. But i wanted to play, and I had just got back in the game after my recovery of my lip, and i did not want to seem like a wimp, or that i was trying to get attention.

This was super stupid of me, but i kept playing, mostly out of pride. But, i just did not want this bad attention of sitting out. And i could not really just go home, because i had already made plans to watch a movie with folks. So i would have had to sit there, or go home and miss the movie. So i played... With my hurt foot, but i did expect it to work its way out. And it actually felt better, as i played. I guess it stayed warm and stretched out.

It started really getting sore after the movie, and by the time i woke up i could not put any weight on it. It hurt really bad. I started worrying that it could be broken.
I called a coworker and got him to send me a file i was working on, and waited till 8 to call the doctor to make an appointment. I got the appointment at 10:30 am, and between the doctor's and the hospital, i did not get home until 2:30.

Thank goodness it was not broken. and at this hour, it is feeling sore, but better than this morning. eh.

Worries: my training for the half marathon is messed up, deloris is going to drive me nuts because she is not getting her exercise, and i am going to drive my self nuts because i am not getting my exercise.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

havin fun, staying busy, vacation coming soon! a captains log of good things.

So, The past several weeks, i have been having a lot of fun.
Captains log of good things:
1) the shrimp house is almost done
2) they started digging the foundations at Myra's yesterday
3) i ran 4 miles comfortably
4) i have been swimming
5) riding my bike with deloris is fun.
6)I see why people like Ultimate Frisbee

I have also been making a few custom tshirts for friends. That has been a lot of fun, because it gets my hands into the making, which i miss a lot.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Some Diggin Happening at Myra's

So, today's big news is that they are starting on Myra's house. I drove by there, and they were digging the foundations!!!!!!! HORAYYYYY!!!!!

Now off to play frizbee! Yeah!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Astral Factor makes Astral Will

So, Saturday night my friend Will and I chose to watch another ridiculous movie, something that i feel is going to become a bit of a tradition between the two of us. Anyway, we watched this movie called ASTRAL FACTOR which is also know as the INVISIBLE STRANGLER.

Anway this movie was incredible. It inspired Will to become Astral. Here is Will astral!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Miss Patience's Fence haulted again, and stuff to do today!

I was really hoping that we were going to be able to work on Miss Patience's Fence this weekend, but since it rained yesterday, the power company was unable to remove the power pole. I guess it will have to wait until the weekend after i get home from my vacation.

Speaking of vacation, well i have 2 little trips to alabama planned. Next friday i will be going to Rural Studio for the Alumni Weekend. I will be back in Mississippi Monday and Tuesday. Then i head out for Auburn for Dad's award ceremony! I am pretty excited about going home.

Today, well, since i am not going to be doing the fence today, i have a busy schedule.

I am going to be working on la maison de la crevette aka the shrimp house. Oooohh.. i am so close to the finish of it, I probably will not finish it today, because of the other things i want to get done.

Those things being:
clean up my home
clean up my yard
clean up my car
take pictures of my new shirt
update my store
take deloris on a bike ride
Take care of my laundry

So, i plan on working on la maison de la crevette, just not to completion.

I have a bunch on my plate today, so i had better get moving, especially since i plan on watching a little of the Auburn game, and going to Gautier to the Mullet Festival.
bye bye for now!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

coffee and potatoes and a brand new house!

So, I could not find any good coffee down here, and i was starting to miss it. I have been drinking Cafe' Bustelo, but i have kind of gotten tired of it. It is alright coffee, but you know, sometimes you just want a good cup of coffee. I was going to buy some on my way through Alabama, but i just could not wait. So i went to Higher Ground on the internet, a fair trade/organic coffee company from Leeds, Alabama, and ordered me 3 bags of coffee. I think next month i am going to subscribe to their coffee subscription. Anyway, i ordered it tuesday morning, and it was waiting on my door step yesterday(wednesday) after work. Oh my goodness. I cannot tell you how excited i was. When i opened the box, a strong smell of fresh good coffee came rushing out of the box!!!! Ahhhhh! yeah! Even though it was in the evening i made a pot right then of one of my favorites... the Magic City Blend. ahhh heaven!

Yesterday was also a pretty damn awesome day at work. the thing that made it most awesome was the dedication of the Parker House, which was our blitz build house. We started it 2 weeks ago, on September 19, and dedicated it yesterday. It was a great project because it brought a bunch of groups together, which normally do not work together too much. more pictures can be seen here. I will be posting the link to the GCCDS website as soon as i get that one ready!

Oh and one last thing before i head out on my run!

Check out this great new series the folks at The Big Things are putting out. Oh lordy, this is where i am getting my news now! I present the TUBER REPORT!!! (that link links to wednesday's report) Brian Z.... not only does your last name start with a Z, which is amazing, you have made me laugh a few good times. And i guess to give the whole Big Things Update... There is a new Batman, Broken Hearts and Underpants

Alright, Deloris is officially ready to go, so i must head out! have a good day!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Frizbee tonight!

So, tonight is frizbee at Yankie Stadium in Biloxi! aka the Salvation Army. I am pretty excited. I am also hopefully posting the Rosetti Street house on the GCCDS website. This is the house that was started by the Design Corps group that came down this summer.

Other than that, not much is going on. Swimming yesterday was alright, i think i could have gone harder, and running this morning was a little tough. I could have pushed it a little harder this morning but i did not want to because of frizbee tonight.

I ALMOST FORGOT!!! THE NEW SHIRTS ARE IN!!! I need to take pictures of them today, and they will be online!!!! Weeee!!!!!