Monday, October 30, 2006

Wahoo... I am in Biloxi

Well, after ending my time in Starkville on Thursday, I had another pretty relaxing weekend. I drove to Auburn on Thursday night, and saw a few friends. Friday, i took care of a bunch of errands during the day.
Friday evening a friend of mine took off to Montgomery to visit the capri theatre to see Fact-ot-um, a movie about Charlse Bukowski. It was pretty good. In proper Bukowski fashion, we snuck a bottle of Jim Beam into the Theatre.
We hit the 1028 club for a ying ling then headed over to El Ray's which i would totally recomend. We had a black bean buritto, and a portabello mushroom quesodilla.
I still have not yet learned to spell.

Anyway, i spent the rest of the weekend in Auburn helping my mom stuff envelopes and watching football.

I left for biloxi at 4:50 this morning. I arrived here at 9:15. Not a bad drive. It was really nice to see the sunrise behind me.

So now the adventure in biloxi begins!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some Neat things i have found

This is pretty neat.  It is the Fire Fly .  It is an LED light lid for the nalgene bottles.  Bottles of water =lantern.  Sweet

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Letter Press Tshirt

I love iphoto

So, we just got a new mac at work and the i photo is great!!!!
here is my halloween photo. I am a siamese twin!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A few more days left

So i have only a few more days left here in starkville. I am trying to figure out what i am going to be doing this weekend. I am thinking about going back ot auburn, but maybe i will just go to the coast and get settled in.
Anyway, i am gonna go get to work.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

the podfolio
just go check it out

my vacation has returned me to my normal self, if not better

So, i have been on vacation. Check it out at my flickr site.

On tuesday i left laurel Mississippi to go to auburn. I stopped at the rural studio to say hi to friends, then had a really relaxing evening with a friend. It was the beginning of an amazing week.

I had lunch with my daddy on wednesday, then headed out to Atlanta. In atlanta i:

went to the museum of contemporary art
the High
the thrashers game, which not only went into overtime, but thrashers won in a shootout.
mjq to dance on dance night
the drunken unicorn and saw MAN MAN, they were pretty good
the local
Alons for breakfast
calcutta for lunch
saw Marie Antoinette(beautiful photography, but slow)
light room(architecture firm)

Yesterday morning i left for tuscaloosa(northport really) to go to the kentuck festival of the arts. Last night i went to little willies, this little blues club and danced for a while. Now, i am gonna go back to kentuk. God bless vacations!!!!

so, yeah. i feel so energised and amazing after my wonderfully busy week.
and to that i say Raaarrrrr!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Laurel Mississippi!!

I am in Laurel Mississippi for the third and final Your Town Wokshop.
The workshop starts tomorrow, so this evening i will be takin it easy in my hotel room.

Well. That is all for now.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Slap

Northern lights
this is beautiful

I love City Bagel

I love city bagel here in Starkville. They have saved me in these last few weeks with out a kitchen. It is the only place to eat in starkville mississippi that is affordable and not greasy. I love it.
i ate every meal there yesterday, and probably will again. yesterday i had crawfish quiche. How awesome is that. It was delicious and just spicey enought.
They have these great energy bagels that are made with whole wheat, and have raisins, molasses, apples, and walnuts in them. All of those good things in one bagle. mmmm. and their coffee is good too. And their soup. I love city bagel. THey are saving my life, or atleast my health right now!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Back in Starkville - being nomadic

I am back in Starkville. That trip was very energizing. It is incredible to see community members take the planning of their homes into their own hands. I met a group of amazing people too.

I got to see the new parsons building
it was a design build program. I will write more about it later, but i can tell you that this is where i will be doing my laundry when i finally get down to the coast.

So now to the being nomadic. I am refering to it like that because when i think of being homeless it kind of makes me a bit sad. I am not going to be able to move to the coast for 2-3 more weeks. ahh.... my lease ran up at the end of September and I have been going all over Mississippi since then. I went to picayune for 3 days and biloxi for 3 days. This weekend I will be leaving for laurel mississippi, which is right north of hattiesburg. I will be going back to auburn on tuesday I think, and taking a few days off. then I will be coming back to starkville to work for a week, just to wrap things up, and i will be heading out to the coast after I get all of that done.
so, really, I cannot wait to get down there but this living on peoples couches is an adventure.

Ha ....
oh, and news update, i will be at Pasaquan on November 4th selling my tshirts. I am pretty excited.. Jake Fussell and Precious Bryant will be playing, and i have always wanted to see Pasaquan, the home of St. EOM.

another thing:
I finally got to meet Felder Rushing and Dr. Dirt. They are awesome! I want a Garden again!!!!! I am gonna take a trip up to Jackson to play in Dirt's garden soon I hope.
Well... That is all for now.
I will for sure write more soon.

Monday, October 09, 2006

BILOXI - Dan and the Slots

I am in Biloxi for the Second Your Town Workshop. My friend Dan, a fellow Auburn Graduate, is here to be a facilitator. Here dan is trying his luch at the slots. He lost a whole dollar, which really i gave yeah. that did not work out so well.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Picayune Mississippi is where i am at

I am in Picayune Mississippi right now and i am using prepositions at the end of my subject lines today. oh well. i guess it just be that way sometimes.

We are putting on a workshop right now in picayune. It is pretty neat seeing all of these community members learning about design and taking a proactive interest in their community.

It is also pretty fun cause i have my own hotel room. This is only the second time in my life to have my own room. Sweet. (the first was when my car broke down in hattiesburg)

So...I am going to the Picayune Arboritum with students from LSU(sorry we kicked your butt a few weeks ago, and how could you let MSU score on you... come on. i guess we did the same with Buffalow.)

alright, so my comments are scattered like my brain and an order of waffle house hashbrowns .


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