Friday, August 31, 2012

Watching Birds during Isaac

I really enjoyed braving the wind and the driving rain, and capturing what mother nature was giving us.

On Wednesday afternoon, a friend asked if I wanted to walk the beach with her.  We didn't get too far on our walk for all of the water in the streets.  I was able to get a video of a bunch of Least Terns, Forester's Terns and Storm Petrols feeding after a long few days battling the storm.  Here it is:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac.. for now it is a waiting game.

My Miss-Adventure continues with my very first Hurricane!  Well, it is still Tropical Storm Isaac, but it is predicted to become a hurricane some time today! I have decided to stay, and ride it out.  My house is at a pretty high elevation, and seems pretty sturdy.  As of right now, it is windy, and a little dark out.  Not too bad.  It has been a touch misty since last night, but no rain yet.  My bicycle is inside, and my car is fueled up.  I (by that I mean James) have removed the dinosaur head from my front door, and I am enjoying the sound of the wind and a cup of coffee for the moment.  James brought over a generator, and we have plenty of water.

The front of my house without its mascot, a t rex head..... He is in side, taking cover from the storm.

Update:  9:30 AM
Here are some videos from this morning at front beach 

Getting Ice 

Update: 8/31/12 
Things are all good here in the Ugly Green House.  No damage was sustained, and I managed to rest up for what looks to be a busy few weeks coming up!  
Videos from the rest of the storm:  
Front Beach Ocean Springs, 8/30  8:00 am

East Beach Ocean Springs 8/29 5:00pm

Ugly Green House Ocean Springs 8/29 6:30 am

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mushroom Hunting

Sunday morning, my friends Earl and Hema took me mushroom hunting in the swamps.  I can't tell you where the mushrooms grow, because I am pretty sure that if I did, I would end up in a shallow grave for the hogs to find me (I didn't make that up).

The mushrooms we were searching for are called Chanterelles.  They are little golden mushrooms that are hiding on the floor of the woods.

I can't wait to make mushroom pasta!  Nothing but mushrooms, garlic, butter, and fresh pasta from the Ocean Springs Fresh market. 

There were tons of mushrooms growing in the swamp. Ones that will probably make you sick if you eat them, but that are beautiful to look at.  I took pictures of those too!   

Movie Night at the Ugly Green House

When I was house hunting a year ago, I couldn't help but notice the big flat wall standing tall above my fence in my neighbors yard.  Some would think of it as a little intrusive, and overwhelming.  I saw it as an opportunity!

I knew it would make a great movie screen!  A wonderful way to watch a movie with my friends.  This past weekend we watched the Hunger Games, a movie that is great for the big screen. 

We rigged up a platform for the projector and the dvd player, and hooked up the modern sound system!  Yep, this is how we do it here in Mississippi.  

What do our neighbors think?  Well, until this last weekend, I am not sure they even knew.  But, Sunday night, someone was out on their balcony, and probably couldn't help but notice that there were twenty people in chairs staring at their house, along with a big bright light.   They waved.  I think that means they approve! 

On past weekends, we watched Jaws and the very first Star Wars movie.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pine Lily Hunting

My friend Mary invited me on a special adventure, the search of the elusive Pine Lily!  We found them, many of them.   Oh what a special day I had! 

Above is where we found them.  A low lying shaded area next to the road!  They were so beautiful.
After finding the Pine Lilies, we headed to a bog in search of pitcher plants!  Below is what we found there.  

Pipe Wart
Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant Flower

 Pitcher Plant flower

 Pitcher Plants

Pitcher Plant Flower

A pitcher plant awaiting dinner.... they are carnivores you know.

White top sedge and a star gazer

Parrot head pitcher plants

a pitcher plant awaiting dinner!  

my pickings

 my flowers.... some from the fresh market, the rest from the woods!

my flowers.... some from the fresh market, the rest from the woods! 

my flowers.... some from the fresh market, the rest from the woods!