Thursday, December 31, 2009

Knitting Adventures

Oh, this was a knitting fall and winter. I am still finishing up christmas presents... but here is what I have done so far.

My roommate Jeff is modeling the hat I made for my friend Dan.

The fingerless gloves I made for my Momma's birthday. This was my first time making a thumb hole, and my first try with cables.

One of my friends Kathy saw the Koozie and scarf I made for my momma last year for christmas, and liked them. Her boyfriend asked me to make her a set for her christmas present.

Here is the scarf I made for Kathy.

A hat I made for Seth, an office mate. We had a secret santa party, but we all had to make our gifts. It was either knitting or baking.

Every Wednesday night, I meet up with three ladies for beers and talk, usually on a front porch. James calls it the Hen House. These women have become my dear friends. I figured that they needed some help keeping their beers cool (or as of lately their hands warm) and so I knitted up some koozies for them as well. Next I need to make mine.

Christmas at Dad's

Friday, December 18, 2009

the second christmas party of the season

Last night was our office christmas party. We were all to bring a dish, and a secret santa gift for our chosen recipient. The only stipulation with the gift was that it had to be something that we made. The gifts and the food were great. There were lamps, and food gifts, and knitted gifts and a cheese press,hand made wooden organizers, and some art. It was awesome. I almost think that should be a rule for every christmas.

There was one present that really stood out. That was a christmas cd made by several of my coworkers. It was amazing.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Birds are Migrating

A little while ago, a few people were out back and they started hollering about some birds flying around. I had to go out and see, because I love birds. Here are some pictures I took:

The Christmas Season Began with a Party!

I have been practically ignoring this Christmas Season. I hadn't really gotten presents, but I had been thinking of them. I only completed a few knitting projects, and I haven't made a tree or anything.

On Monday evening, I was forced to acknowledge it, because by way of James, I had a Christmas party to go to. The Government Street Grocery is one of my favorite restaurant and bars in town, and James got an invite to their celebration. We both got all gussied up, and headed for the party.

There were about 30 of my favorite locals, and a huge spread of food, as well as a seemingly unlimited supply of drinks. There was poetry read, The Night Before Christmas recited, good music and good discussion. The food was delicious, there was even shrimp mashed potatoes, which were amazing!

Below are pictures of the night.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Being sick is no fun, unless you have a James

Thursday, I was sneezing my head off. I always sneeze a few times a day, but this officially counted as sneezing my head off. I enjoyed my thursday, without my head, but other than that it was normal, maybe even better than normal.

I woke up Friday morning, and didnt feel like getting out of bed. It was not happening. Not even for coffee. Finally after laying there for a good while, I got up, made some tea (you know I am not doing well if i dont go for coffee) and I guess walking around for a little while, I started feeling a bit better, so I drove to the drugstore, got some medicine. I was feeling so well, I decided to go into the office to get a little work done, and to get some files to work on.

Then I went in search of the spiciest food I could find to try to open up my head. I headed to shady's for some curry then headed back to bed.

I laid around for a little while, and James called, asking if i needed anything from the grocery store. He arrived at my house about an hour later with grocery bags full of yummy goodies. He also brought me some really happy flowers.

He immediately got to work. He fixed up some Cincinnati Chili to eat that moment! Then he started the chicken soup. He roasted the chicken, and started working the veggies.

After about an hour or so, he had everything in the pot! The soup was perfect! I am lucky to have someone who will come cook me chicken soup and bring me flowers when I am feeling bad.

We spent the rest of the evening curled up on the couch watching movies.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hair Styles i like

I have been working really hard to grow my hair out for about a year. I have resisted all of the urges to take my pocket knife and cut it all off in some messy mop. I love short hair because it is super easy, and it looks so good with very little work.

At the same time...I love being able to pull my hair up into a pony tail, I love that I can finally put it into a bun, and wear braids if I want. I love that my hair falls under my scarf when i wrap it around my neck.

So my hair, just below my shoulders is healthy and even looking and it is time to start having fun with it. I originally created this post to show my friend who cuts my hair what I am thinking about. I figured I would go ahead and share this with everyone!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Syrup Soppin

Saturday morning we got up, and met Abby and Gabby for breakfast at one of the many Waffle House's in Auburn, then headed for some shopping: World Market, Reinvent, Gnu's Room, Gus's Wine Shop, the Guitar Shop.

After we felt that we had spent enough money, we went to the Padgett family farm for the Annual Syrup Soppin. We walked around the dead car graveyard, and around the property, and watched the Padgett men make the syrup, and then the women bottling. We watched several folks play music on the porch. We stood around and talked and of course we ate... Brunswick stew, sausage balls, grilled meat, and many sweets. We brought the Jessie James Outlaw Cheesecake, and it was a hit.

It was a really slow and relaxing time, a wonderful way to end the thanksgiving holiday!

Below are a bunch of pictures of the afternoon!