Monday, July 26, 2010

This weekend I made some videos.

IThis weekend, I used my phone(can you still call those things phones, when they are also cameras, tvs and radios) to make two videos.  I also spent a lot of time in the Kitchen making Strawberry Jam and Pear Butter and I rode my scooter enough to need to fill the gas tank.

Here is the first of the two videos.

This is from Saturday night when James played with Fort Bayou Slim at the Shed BBQ in Gulfport MS.  Also a  special appearance from Jo Jo.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Summertime Music

The summertime is slow, well it is down south.  You cant move faster than a walk during the day or you are liable to collapse. It is something special and I have always loved this time of year for the slowness. 

This time of year also makes me want to listen to the blues.  I cant think of anything better than sitting on a porch, with a fan, and a beer, or a glass of tea,  hair stickin to my face, and listen to the blues.  Man! that makes me happy!  So, grab a beer, go outside and turn up your computer speakers, and listen to this:

Happy Slow Summer!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh! I seem to have gotten a case of the Busies!

Which is totally a good thing! I would so rather be busy than bored.But it sometimes mean that i dont get time to do everything.     Here are some things that have been going on:
I got my  first new tshirts in and posted onto Etsy! Wahoo!  You can buy them here!

I spent most of the weekend working around the house, catching up on some work work, riding my scooter, and making even more jam.  This weekend it was bourbon ginger peach and blueberry lemon.  I also made some more bread and butter pickles which James seems to be eating faster than  I can make them, which is only the most awesome complement!

I have also been working on a few new projects, which I hope to get out soon. I am excited for them. 
Oh, so much to do, so little time.  Its a wonderful life, no?

Friday, July 16, 2010

The weekend, and the garden as well.

The weekend and the garden fit together as a topic pretty well, mostly because the weekend is when i get to really play in the garden, cooking from it, and exploring it, watching for little critters.  This morning I went to the little plots to get some basil to pass on to my coworkers.  I love that place, my garden that is, it makes me so happy!

Here is a lovely picture I took this morning to leave you with. I hope that everyone has a safe and happy weekend.  I will probably be spending a lot of my weekend making jelly and pickles.  The rest of it hope to spend on my little honda! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Bastille Day

You can't escape the past in Paris, and yet what's so wonderful about it is that the past and present intermingle so intangibly that it doesn't seem to burden.-Allen Ginsberg

Bastille Day is a funny day for me.  I once lost a tooth on Bastille day on a plane returning from a trip to England and France.  For that matter, I also lost a tooth on the 4th of July while in England.  My mouth must have wanted to help me celebrate geographically appropriate history by encouraging visits from the Tooth Fairy. So, this time every year, I remember Bastille Day, and the tooth I lost!

Here are some wonderful things to help us all remember the day!

A wonderfully French, and a bit Nautical bag from Ikabags.  I think I desperately need one, and will be ordering it tomorrow!  Good thing she makes them to order, and we can all have one!

Oh and wouldn't these cute little earrings go so well with the bag?!?!?  You can find them at Lucky Girl Racer's Shop

And like every day, you should probably tell some one that you love them.  Today do it in French!  You could send one of these cute cards from humunuku

And in honor of my lost tooth those many years ago, here are some cute little stuffed teeth from lexacto

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh I wish I could be there!

Oh how I wish I could be home right now waiting by my door. Waiting for that UPS package with my 11 lbs of tshirts, oh and some sweet mammoth temporary tattoos!  It has been at least two year since last I made tshirts.  Oh, how I miss it, but you know when you don't exercise those muscles for a long time, you become timid in the reconditioning, and it takes a great will to move those creative juices into motion.

Oh, but they are moving now. I already have a few new shirts I am working on.  I cannot wait to get these out of the box.  I hope they are there at lunch.  Can you tell how on the edge of my seat I am at the moment?

I am planning a trip up to Mammoth Printshop to make some extra special printed materials.  I am excited for that too.  I miss that place more each day! 

By the way, if you ever need t shirts printed, I recommend Mammoth!  They are amazing printers and folks!  VISIT THEM HERE!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Monday

Happy Monday Everyone.  I know it is late in the day to be wishing this, but there are still several hours left in the day.  I have been pretty thoughtful lately, and things in my life seem to be progressing pretty well.  I am figuring things out that I have been questioning, mostly professional things.  I don't  mean to sound vague, but, all will be revealed soon. 

I am finishing up a house, one that has been a challenging one, one that maybe shouldn't have been as challenging, and I am happy to be getting to the end. It is nice to finish things.  

On my way back to work from lunch, I stopped and got some dark chocolate gelato from the corner bakery in down town Ocean Springs.  When I ordered the woman behind the counter asked if I wanted to sample, and I said no.  She warned me that it was really rich.  I resisted her requests, knowing that I knew what I wanted, a small cup of her dark chocolate gelato.  Oh, I was so right.  It is a reminder to me to stick to my guns.  I know what I want! 

So I leave you with this happy song that kind of sums up my feeling today!
Taken By Trees - "My Boys" 

P. S. I am really loving Swedish music these days!

AND!!!! LOOK FOR THE BRAND NEW ZENORSCHNITZEL SHIRTS TOMORROW (or maybe wednesday, after I have a chance to take photos)

Oh Happy Weekend!

I had such a great weekend. I made a ton of Jam.... Strawberry, Strawberry-lavender, Strawberry Balsamic, and mango chili. Strawberry is the only flavor I have tasted, and James said it right when he said it tastes like summer.  MMMMmmmmmm.  I promise to post the recipes soon.

I spent plenty of time on my motorcycle, and near water.  Saturday I went to bluff creek with my friend Natalie and her two boys, and sunday I watched the beach from the balcony at the yacht club.  Oh happy weekend.  Now back to the real world.


Friday, July 09, 2010

Its Hot. I love it!

Oh, its summer. It has been here on the gulf coast for a while. I love the hot air, and the bright sun.  It makes you move so slow, unless of course you have a Honda Passport C70 Motorcycle to ride around on! 

James and I are going to be buying the little bike you see me on above, and probably another one.  Yesterday we rode around town on the pair of them.  It was my first time on a motorcycle, and it was so much fun.  And, it gets 100 miles to the gallon!  Such a good and affordable way to travel.

To leave you in the summery mood, here is Sam Cooke's Summer time: 

Enjoy the heat!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Puttin away the harvest, and then some.

Anyone who has been around me knows I have been pickling all of the yummy cucumbers, and other yummy surplus from our garden.  I have been pickling like crazy.  So far I have made pickled banana peppers, dill pickles, pickled okras, bread and butter pickles, refrigerator pickles, and curried pickles.

When the strawberries I have been buying over the last week are extremely sweet and inexpensive, the urge to make jams, jellies and preserves bubbles up.  I thought I would search around and see what I could find other people making. I will post more about the individual jars of goodness that is surely to come from my garden soon, but for now, I wanted to record  the cute things I found. 

Here are some cute earrings from L.K. Farnsworth.  I love earrings that dont completely match, dont you?

 I also found this great photograph, that almost looks like a painting of jams by francoiserachez.  

Do you have any good preserve recipes or things i can put in jars?  I am no longer restraining my self to pickles, and opening up the canning room to all sorts of seasonal goodness!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Cute Watercolors

Here is a cute painting of a little titmouse, one of my favorite birds, from a woman named Irene. (Aka Dimdi on Etsy.) She makes such cute little watercolor gestures of animals, for a decent price!!! I love how simple they are and yet how much life the animals have.  Go check out her store at ETSY.  

 In staying with the theme of birds here is another great affordable water color artist that can be found on Etsy, Eastwitching.  She donates some of her revenues to charities that help animals. 

I hope you enjoy their work!!!!

Waiting....and trying to be patient

So, I am waiting on my first order of tshirts in a long time! I haven't made tshirts in almost 2 years, and after finally coming up with what i am pretty sure will be the first in a hopefully long series, I am excited.

They will be here, hopefully, next week, and I will post about it everywhere.  In addition to the tshirts, I will be releasing my new website, and a new facebook page!  If you notice things changin around me, this is why.  I am gearing up for a new era in the Zenorschnitzel life!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Moving my blog back!

I am back. I think I love my blogger.
Here is another thing I love: The Rural Studio and their new Skate Park.  It is so Beautiful!!!!

Greensboro Alabama Skatepark Grand Opening!

 faithskatesupply on Vimeo.