Sunday, December 31, 2006

my gardening day!

Today i spent the morning gardening. I got bags of brocolli, and carrots, lettuce, onions, turnips,peas, and spinach. here are a few pictures of the community gardens in biloxi. I also visited the extension office in biloxi, where i was told to help my self.
the bottom is a picture of broccoli flowers. I have them in glasses in my house right now.
they are beautiful.

deloris the trooper

deloris is a real trooper. I went to jonate and mary lynn 's wedding yesterday, but it was closer to my mississippi home than my alabama home. So, i had to bring deloris. I also had to bring all of my stuff for my place back. Well, i left a little place for her to sit, where she could lay down, and put her head out the window and so on, well she hopped up on the tables i had in my car, and rode almost the entire way that way. silly girl. She was in the car from 11 am to about 8 pm with a few quick potty breaks. what a good girl she was, and i promised her a good walk when we got home, but it was raining, and i dont mean a little drizzle, i mean it was pouring, and lightening, and all. So, i took her out a few times, but i felt a bit bad cause she did not get to enjoy much of the day. Poor deloris.
anyway, here are some pictures of deloris, and i along with all of my stuff, all packed into the little versa. oh yeah, i need to say this. the Nissan versa completely rocks. It is tiny, but you can fit almost anything in there. i am shocked i got my two folding tables in there.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

this has been a week.

i have been working at the print shop during the break to help with the added costs of moving to a new place. It has been pretty fun and is nice to get back to that place. i miss everyone.
I went to Lineville, to visit my aunt and uncle and cousins there. Both of my cousins have new babies. It was fun to play with babies, but i can tell you that it will be a while until i have any!!!!

My brother got maried last thursday. That was pretty awesome. It was nice to see all of the family and friends again. Saturday night, i went to a christmas party that i have been going to for as long as i can remember. I saw a lot of the Math Department there and ate a lot of food.

Man i have eaten a lot, and i am looking forward to going back home and going back to my gym. I miss that place. So does my belly

Well. that is pretty much all for right now.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

My christmas was pretty nice. I think i gave my self the best present of all. I deleted my myspace and face book profiles. Ahh the relief.

It is a relief of not having to check another thing during my day, it is a relief that people, i dont know will stop emailing me in the slowest manner possible. It is the relief of knowing that i dont need to maintain such a site to keep in touch with friends. If anyone who knows me really wants to get in touch with me, they can find me. I am not hard to find. Ahhhh..... the peace.

No myspace and facebook were really not that big of a burden, i just usually got a bit stressed out about it for some reason. And it made me really nosey! i dont need to be in other people's business. I know they put it online, but honestly i was getting nosey, or i dont really care, and i was just wasting time.

So, one step towards simplifying my world.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lane Cake and Christmas Eve

Tonight i helped mom make lane cake, really all i did was put the iceing on, but it turned out pretty nice looking. Here is a picture.

We opened presents tonight!
i got a new coat, a travel dog carier, and a bunch of chocolate, and a flash light, some champangne, a wine opener, some other dog stuff, and a smoke detector.
merry christmas

Hey! How are you doing

This is about my return to Auburn for the holidays.

Last night, gabby and I went out, as we do on most holidays. It is pretty the same thing every year. It just has gotten to be a bit weird and awkward. Everyone who grew up here comes back, and when they get released from their family functions, they flock to the one or two bars that are open. No need for our 10th year reunion, we have christmas eve eve, christmas eve, and christmas. Maybe we should elect a christmas barhopping organizer, to make everyone nametags, so it can be official.

I heard "Hey! How are you doing?" about 50 times last night. If they remembered my name, it would be Hey, Jessie, How are you doing? where are you these days, are you still in auburn? what are you doing down there? are you married? are you dating anyone?
yeah... outside of the people i was really close with in highschool, it seems like a contest for who is getting their life together the fastest. It is all fine and well, it is just weird, because just a few years ago(well maybe a little more than a few years ago) we were more conserned with scoring a beer, or who would be homecoming queen. It is just weird. I know i am growing up, but it is weird seeing others grow up, and grow up a lot faster. (Kids, Married, strollers...ect)

so, when you go to your next christmas bar hopping in your home town, remember that everyone is gonna ask Hey! How are you doing? try to think of somethin a little more genuine to say if you really care about the person, or show them your lack of care by using the default, Hey How are you doing?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

whimping out on Magnolia

Well, I have been living on magnolia in East Biloxi. The area was not so good, it is known for having a crack house on that street and other trouble like that. But i figured that i would be able to keep my nose down, and no one would bother me, and i would be able to live there.
But, sunday night, i woke up to my deloris barking loud, and looked out my door and saw a flash light pointed into my house, looking around. I think deloris scared who ever off, but it still really freaks me out.
So yesterday, i spent the day looking for a place to live, and i am going to the other extreme and moving to Ocean Springs. I found a place that is cheap for the gulf coast, in a good neighborhood and walking distance from the Walter Anderson Museum.. The community is really nice, and very dog friendly. They have art galleries, antique shops, coffee shops, and nice little restraunts. so it is a huge change from east biloxi.
The only thing is that, i feel like i am whimping out a bit and giving up on the neighborhood, that in every other way has welcomed me. I am a little upset that i dont feel safe there. I like my neighbors a lot and will miss having them around. Denise, my landlords lady , and i sat out side last night for a while and drank a few beers, and i will miss that. she is a riot. She is loud and spiritful. She let me into her garden and invited me to her cookouts, and introduced me to everyone she knew.
Renee and Frank are amazing too. they would stand out side and talk to me for a long time. we would drink beers, and have a good ole time. Frank would come over anytime i called if i got scared or thought i heard something. Frank works with the center, so i will see him pretty often. I work in east biloxi and will still be able to return to my old street that is located within a real neighborhood, but i am moving, and i hate that i feel i have too.
And i know this is nieve and overly optimistic sounding, but it is hard for me to believe, that there are places in this country that i really feel unsafe at. Places that are neighborhoods, and everyone knows everyone on the street, and people are always out side, places that jane jacobs would probably deem safe, are unsafe for me. I had a hope in the urban condition, that it would prevail, and really i am sure it will, but for me, i cannot live there and sleep well at the same time. so i am moving to the uber white and ultra rich community of ocean springs. Which, i dont mean to put down. It is a great community, i just feel i am whimping out and adding to the white flight of east biloxi. I am retreating from my place that i so wanted to work out, to go to the place that is easy.
So, i, Jessie Zenor, am whimping out. Sorry East Biloxi. Sorry Magnolia Street, Sorry Denise, Connell, Frank and Renee.
Sorry to Halley Berry, the Magnolia Street Porcupine Dog.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

a good video

a nice video

Web 2.0
Uploaded by CrazyCat

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

getting to know my area, and trying to get warm

well, i am trying to get warm, and i am getting there. i have covered up all of my missing windows, and a friend is comign to help replace those in the next few days. I have gotten a fridge, and a crock pot. I have never had a crock pot but since i dont have a stove so i had to do something. I am not a big fan of it but i am glad i can make soup. It also puts off a lot of heat, so thats nice.

I met all of my neighbors, and they seem pretty nice. Deloris met the magnolia street dog, and they have to play every time i take deloris out. The street dog's name is Halley Barry. She is a Katrina dog. She survived the storme and looks a little like a porcupine.

This weekend i went to the festival downtown biloxi. Everyone kept stopping me to see my Deloris. THey love her.

Today, i spent most of the day working in the St. Louis Building (which is our new office building) I got to hammer in a bunch of nails including my thumb nail. that kind of sucked.
I also got to help raise of walls. It was pretty neat, because i really havnt ever done that.

Oh yeah, i got a fridge.

I gave my neighbor a beer to help me move it up stairs. I gave him a beer todaytoo. i think this must be a trend.

I am sitting on my new bed. Oh yeah, i got a bed. It was kind of a sketchy place. It was this warehouse, with all of these beds with funky fabric. It was weird but i got a good price. so. i aint askin any questions.

I am sorry this post is jumping around. I am listening to This American Life, which is one of the best of radio shows in the world. Ok so i am going to stop writing now. I will fill you in on the rest later. I am going to continue listening ot the radio. it is good.
good night, and good luck.

Friday, December 01, 2006

It got cold

Last night i went to bed with a fan on and the screen door open, and it was warm. I woke up this morning to a freezing cold house, i mean cold, it was 30degrees this morning. it was difficult to get out of my sleeping bag.
So, i am getting my bed today hopefully. That is pretty exciting. No more sleeping on the floor. No more deloris eating my hair in the middle of the night!!!!!!

So as far as work is going, the website is coming along well. I am hoping to send it to the university review board this week and have it up and running by the first of the year.

Students from SCAD are here helping the Gulf Coast Community Design Center get some things done. THey have 14 students and 4 faculty and they have been wonderful. THey have completed resurveying all of the houses in east biloxi, so i can update the map with all of that info. They have measured four houses that we will be working on, they are mold treating the rectory (the future home of some of the East Biloxi Coordination Center's offices) , surveying all of the historic properties in east biloxi, and analyizing this area on division that we are going to be working on.

I am currently working on this demonstration housing project, which will be a small group of structures that show different types of building styles. I am also working on the website, and getting the maps updated. Once the students from SCAD get the measuring done on the houses i will probably take one or two of those.

Well, That is about it for today. I am glad that tomorrow is saturday, i will have a chance to really get some more work done on the house. I am going to tackle the bathroom, and paint all of the trim in the house, and patch the walls in my kitchen. I am also going to get a chest of drawers, and maybe a small fridge. i dunno, but this weekend will be productive aslong as i can keep deloris from eating all of the paint.
have a good day.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

more pics from my phone

It has been a while

sorry a lot of these pictures are blurry . I took them with my camera

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Waiting on Arc GIS

well, i have had a busy week. I got a dog,deloris, as you can see in the post below, she is amazing. She is so good, she can sit well, and walks on a leash pretty well (i know there are a lot of things to smell)
I had to take her to the vet yesterday. She has kennell cough. I think she gave it to me. Ha ha
I plan on taking her to the beach and then going home and painting my house. Ehhh... it needs to be finished this week. I am tired of having a house like this.
then i can get a bed, and yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i will have a place to live. Well, i am living there now, but it is pretty dirty, and i have been working on it, but you know, it just takes a while.
Alright, thats about it, i am waiting on ARC GIS to think. It is so slow. ehhh.
alright, well have a good day

Me and my Deloris!

This is my new dog Deloris.

Friday, November 10, 2006

my new blackberry

I am using my new blackberry to post to my blog right now. I am a big dork.I am spending my Friday night playing on my phone. But my phone is awesome. It is the pearl. I would look up the link but I don't know how to do that yet. I am off to find more features. Oh yeah my job rocks.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The close!!!!!
check them out!!!! war eagle!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Power and Water!!!! and NEIGHBORS!!!

So, i have power now in my new house, and i am getting water tonight. I will be cleaning for the rest of the week.
Last night i got to meet a bunch of my neighbors. We have made plans for porch sitting and beer drinking and BBQ'ing.

My tent got flooded in the rain the last two days and I could not find a bed in hands on, so i am sleeping in my car out in the parking lot. It is not as bad as it sounds, my car is warmer than my tent was. And dad, if you are reading this, dont get worried. I am ok.

Other than all of that, biloxi is really my type of city. There is good food, nice people, and the beach. Tonight, after i get a dent in the cleaning of my house, i plan on going to the Beau Rivage for ladies night, no cover and free drinks for women!!! hell yea! It is nice to be a woman!

Off to work!

Monday, November 06, 2006

The new website

Daulphin Island was really nice last night. I got to see Abby and Gabby, and their family.
We just had a relaxing evening and drank margaritas. I could not keep my hands off of the corn on the cob. It was cold and chewey by the time i got there, but i just had to keep eating it.

I am working on the website right now.
here is a screen shot. HA HA.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Biloxi Adventure!!!!

So, it has taken me a while to get pictures to the internet, but here they are!!!!!
This is my new house!!! i will start work on it monday afternoon, and i hope to be able to move in by thanksgiving. That does not mean all of the work will be done, but i will be able to leave my cold and windy tent within a tent.

This is what my care looks like, it is my home, and my closet, and my refridgerator, and everything else.

This is where i work right now. We are working on getting the new building done, but this is where we will be until we finish all of the work.

I promise to write more later, but i am trying to go see my GABBY in Dalphin Island tonight. So for now, BYE BYE!

Pasaquan WEEEEE!!!!!

I went to pasaquan this weekend to sell tshirts. Here are a few pictures, but you should check out the rest at
my flickr page

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Got my tent and my shower!

So, It is my third day at work here at the Gulf Coast Community Design Center, and i am finishing my first house this morning. Woah, things move fast. I just got some batteries so i will be posting some pictures soon.

The food down here is great. There is a large vietnamese population down here and that mixed with the cajun population makes for some interesting combinations. Yesterday i had a vietnamese chicken poboy. It is called Ga Roti. It was served on a po boy bun but it was spiced very interstingly and had carots, rice noodles, and cilantro on it. It was awesome. and it was only 2.50. I am also a fan of the rare beef noodle soup which has rice noodles and thinly sliced raw beef, that is cooked by the heat of the broth. It is served with a plate of mung beans, fresh jalopenos, fresh cilantro, fresh basil and a lime. Wow, that stuff is amazing.

Last night i set up my tent inside the tent. I could stay inside the big Hands On building, but I have chosen to be out side in the big Army tents so i can have my own personal space. I set up my tent my brother gave me a few years ago, blew up my air mattress, and made my bed. My own little home. Yeah!!!!!

I have also found the local bar, called the Pub, and located next door to the hands on headquarters. Cindy the bartender already knows my drink, and even gave me a flashlight last night. She's so nice.

I also signed up for a gym last night. I dont really feel safe walking around my neighborhood at night by my self, and i need that release, so i signed up at the worlds gym. I was a bit skeptical about joining such a large gym, but my worries were overrided this morning when i arrived and they have free coffee. They also have hot showers that dont have a 4 minute time limit. and they are open 24 hours. so... sweet! got my shower, my coffee and my workout all in one building.

So thats about it for now. i hope to have pictures tomorrw.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Wahoo... I am in Biloxi

Well, after ending my time in Starkville on Thursday, I had another pretty relaxing weekend. I drove to Auburn on Thursday night, and saw a few friends. Friday, i took care of a bunch of errands during the day.
Friday evening a friend of mine took off to Montgomery to visit the capri theatre to see Fact-ot-um, a movie about Charlse Bukowski. It was pretty good. In proper Bukowski fashion, we snuck a bottle of Jim Beam into the Theatre.
We hit the 1028 club for a ying ling then headed over to El Ray's which i would totally recomend. We had a black bean buritto, and a portabello mushroom quesodilla.
I still have not yet learned to spell.

Anyway, i spent the rest of the weekend in Auburn helping my mom stuff envelopes and watching football.

I left for biloxi at 4:50 this morning. I arrived here at 9:15. Not a bad drive. It was really nice to see the sunrise behind me.

So now the adventure in biloxi begins!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some Neat things i have found

This is pretty neat.  It is the Fire Fly .  It is an LED light lid for the nalgene bottles.  Bottles of water =lantern.  Sweet

powered by performancing firefox

Letter Press Tshirt

I love iphoto

So, we just got a new mac at work and the i photo is great!!!!
here is my halloween photo. I am a siamese twin!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A few more days left

So i have only a few more days left here in starkville. I am trying to figure out what i am going to be doing this weekend. I am thinking about going back ot auburn, but maybe i will just go to the coast and get settled in.
Anyway, i am gonna go get to work.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

the podfolio
just go check it out

my vacation has returned me to my normal self, if not better

So, i have been on vacation. Check it out at my flickr site.

On tuesday i left laurel Mississippi to go to auburn. I stopped at the rural studio to say hi to friends, then had a really relaxing evening with a friend. It was the beginning of an amazing week.

I had lunch with my daddy on wednesday, then headed out to Atlanta. In atlanta i:

went to the museum of contemporary art
the High
the thrashers game, which not only went into overtime, but thrashers won in a shootout.
mjq to dance on dance night
the drunken unicorn and saw MAN MAN, they were pretty good
the local
Alons for breakfast
calcutta for lunch
saw Marie Antoinette(beautiful photography, but slow)
light room(architecture firm)

Yesterday morning i left for tuscaloosa(northport really) to go to the kentuck festival of the arts. Last night i went to little willies, this little blues club and danced for a while. Now, i am gonna go back to kentuk. God bless vacations!!!!

so, yeah. i feel so energised and amazing after my wonderfully busy week.
and to that i say Raaarrrrr!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Laurel Mississippi!!

I am in Laurel Mississippi for the third and final Your Town Wokshop.
The workshop starts tomorrow, so this evening i will be takin it easy in my hotel room.

Well. That is all for now.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Slap

Northern lights
this is beautiful

I love City Bagel

I love city bagel here in Starkville. They have saved me in these last few weeks with out a kitchen. It is the only place to eat in starkville mississippi that is affordable and not greasy. I love it.
i ate every meal there yesterday, and probably will again. yesterday i had crawfish quiche. How awesome is that. It was delicious and just spicey enought.
They have these great energy bagels that are made with whole wheat, and have raisins, molasses, apples, and walnuts in them. All of those good things in one bagle. mmmm. and their coffee is good too. And their soup. I love city bagel. THey are saving my life, or atleast my health right now!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Back in Starkville - being nomadic

I am back in Starkville. That trip was very energizing. It is incredible to see community members take the planning of their homes into their own hands. I met a group of amazing people too.

I got to see the new parsons building
it was a design build program. I will write more about it later, but i can tell you that this is where i will be doing my laundry when i finally get down to the coast.

So now to the being nomadic. I am refering to it like that because when i think of being homeless it kind of makes me a bit sad. I am not going to be able to move to the coast for 2-3 more weeks. ahh.... my lease ran up at the end of September and I have been going all over Mississippi since then. I went to picayune for 3 days and biloxi for 3 days. This weekend I will be leaving for laurel mississippi, which is right north of hattiesburg. I will be going back to auburn on tuesday I think, and taking a few days off. then I will be coming back to starkville to work for a week, just to wrap things up, and i will be heading out to the coast after I get all of that done.
so, really, I cannot wait to get down there but this living on peoples couches is an adventure.

Ha ....
oh, and news update, i will be at Pasaquan on November 4th selling my tshirts. I am pretty excited.. Jake Fussell and Precious Bryant will be playing, and i have always wanted to see Pasaquan, the home of St. EOM.

another thing:
I finally got to meet Felder Rushing and Dr. Dirt. They are awesome! I want a Garden again!!!!! I am gonna take a trip up to Jackson to play in Dirt's garden soon I hope.
Well... That is all for now.
I will for sure write more soon.

Monday, October 09, 2006

BILOXI - Dan and the Slots

I am in Biloxi for the Second Your Town Workshop. My friend Dan, a fellow Auburn Graduate, is here to be a facilitator. Here dan is trying his luch at the slots. He lost a whole dollar, which really i gave yeah. that did not work out so well.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Picayune Mississippi is where i am at

I am in Picayune Mississippi right now and i am using prepositions at the end of my subject lines today. oh well. i guess it just be that way sometimes.

We are putting on a workshop right now in picayune. It is pretty neat seeing all of these community members learning about design and taking a proactive interest in their community.

It is also pretty fun cause i have my own hotel room. This is only the second time in my life to have my own room. Sweet. (the first was when my car broke down in hattiesburg)

So...I am going to the Picayune Arboritum with students from LSU(sorry we kicked your butt a few weeks ago, and how could you let MSU score on you... come on. i guess we did the same with Buffalow.)

alright, so my comments are scattered like my brain and an order of waffle house hashbrowns .


Here is something good to listen too
NPR's Master List of top 300 Songs

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Michelle Gaundry and a javalen

In honor of Michelle Gaundry

I would embed the video but for some reason i cannot

Here is something crazy to look at:

Friday, September 22, 2006

GO VOTE!!!!!1

The cooper Hewett design awards have added a new award. the peoples choice award
you should go vote. I think you should vote for the Rural studio. Gotta give them love. I know they have gotten a lot of love, but give em more. or vote for who ever you want(i aint gonna give you that link)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

good new video

These two videos are amazing
the first is a great animation.
the second is a freaking awsome daily show clip

I tried to embed the video but it would not let me for some reason.
oh well

crazy crazy crazy
i know i am getting a little you tubey but my friend took this in japan, it is crazy
the guy is crazy, and the crowd is crazy

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

gonna be another busy day....

But i would rather it be busy than slow, thats for sure.

todays todo list:
send resource chapter for all 3 notebooks to the printer
Proof Tabs
return phone calls
find out about the gulf coast wetlands speaker
set the student workers up with work.
name tags
get equiptment reserved and aranged
contact people at picayune for town info
contact people at laurel for town info
contact the folks on the gulf coast for reigon information

Monday, September 18, 2006

holy crap

this kid is crazy

Wow.... My mind is blown

I just feel like i cannot think. I drank too many energy drinks last night i think.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


so, i have never been a huge fan of football, i dont dislike it or anything, but i just dont go crazy about it. Well i am back in auburn this week. It was the LSU Auburn game, it was here. I went to Buffallows to watch the game with my parents friends, everyone else had tickets. I knew this was going to be a good game, but i did not expect it to be as stressful as it was.
The last minute and forty seconds were tortureous.

so.... i forgot to finish this post. The game was good. I had a good time. wahoo

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Condiment packet museum.... and more

The Condiment Packet museum is somethin kinda neat, and probably along the lines of something i would do, so here is a link. go check it out.

oh yeah... This is pretty cool too- little people

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Adventures in Typewriter land

So, Today i had to fill out this form....On the typewriter.
I wish someone could have video taped it. It would have been the funniest thing to hit you tube since the kid who thought he was luke well maybe not, but it would have been funny

so i sat down at that thing
and i put the paper in facing up. (this is not the right direction)
i rolled it in, and my paper got crinkled. I forgot to open the paper holder downer thingy.
well, my paper was in upside down, and wrong side up.
so, i had to start over
i finally got it in there, and i tried to type, nothing happend

I realized i had to turn the thing on.
so i pushed this button that was right by the on light thing, and nothing happened.
I looked around on the machine, and finally found the power switch.
turned it.
nothing happened
i looked on the ground and realized i had to plug it in.

so i finally got the machine turned on, and my paper in there, and i realized, i had no clue where the letters were going to hit, so i typed it, and it was way too high, i moved it down, and finally got it
i do have to say.... this was the first time i have used a type writer since i was a little girl playing on my moms typewriter when elementary school was out.
So it had been a long time.
but. i wish there were a video camera around. it would have been great.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gestalt Gardner, Your Town Workshop, baby selection, i love podcasts

Felder Rushing and Dr. Dirt make me smile every week. I love listening to these guys. They speak to things that are right up my alley, and they are big advocates of bottle trees. I wish these guys were on Alabama Public Radio. I would also like to say that i wish i had a garden to play in.
Check them out here.

I would like to talk about the Your Town Workshop that i am working on in the Gulf Coast. I am extremely excited about this. I have been working on this for the past 3 months. Your Town is a program supported by the National Endowment for the Arts that holds workshops all across America that teaches people of rural America how to plan their growth, and their community.
The Carl Small Town Center is hosting one of these on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We are working to help people of the rural areas plan their reigon with all of the new development after the Hurricane.
This is not a workshop to devise a plan for a specific town or street. This is a workshop to educate the leaders of the community on how to plan, and what the planning decisions the communities make will mean.
We are going to be discussing three design problems. The first is a large scale reigonal planning. How do you plan for all of the new growth occuring north of I-10 and plan with the natural environment, mainly speaking of wetlands?
The second is a bit smaller in scale that of the town. What would you do if your housing numbers were doubled or trippled in the next five years? How would that be developed? Where would that housing be placed? How do you deal with infrastructure? How do you develop these areas smartly, and without loosing the community's character?
The third design problem is the very small scale. How you develop and build a new building that retains the local character?
I am extremly excited about this workshop, not only the possible long term impact it will have on the reigon, but also, the speakers that will be presenting. We have some amazing ones. Harriet Triggoning, who was one of the major players in the development of the Smart Growth movement. Geoff Anderson from the EPA. Gavin Smith, from the Mississippi Governers office.
This list goes on. It is amazing. It will be a lot of fun.

The second thing i wanted to talk about today is the issue of Baby selection. This is the wildest thing i have ever heard. I was listening to NPR this morning and I heard a story on people who are selecting the sex of their baby. Now, i am not sure, morally what i think about this, but it does seem a bit weird. I did not know that this was even possible yet. I am not commenting on whether i agree with it or not, but i just was wanting to say that i heard it and it stuck out in my mind, and it is a bit weird to me.

The last thing:
pod casts i am currently getting
Make Magazine
Adult Swim
New York Times-TimesTalk
KCRW's Art Talk
Comedy Centeral: Stand up
NPR: Books
NPR: This I Believe
SCAD On Demand
SFMOMA Art casts(this is trulyone of my favorites)

Friday, September 08, 2006

I have a feeling today is going to fly by

Things i have to do:
I have to send out a press release, which is pretty much done
send out about 40 letters
call about 10 people
finish cleaning my apartment over lunch
get ready for conference call at 2
my friends are playing a show at up your ally at 4 and get into town at 3:30/
send a bill out to a guy i did web work for, and change a few things on the webpage.

wow.... this is gonna be crazy.
I really have a lot to do today.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Websites i am looking at right now.

Auburn Party in Sarkville and more GIS

This weekend, the band "The Creatines" will be here playing. They are playing at Up Your Alley in the Cotton District at 4 pm. Then they will either be playing between sets of the bands for the Bull Dog Bash, or they will be playing on my front porch. Either way, it will be the Auburn Tailgating spot in Starkville on the eve of the MS State and Auburn Game.

The Creatines have made letter press posters at Kennedy Print Shop in Eutaw Alabama, and those will be for sale at the shows.

Also, I will be selling my shirts there. So come on.

Alright, enough pluggin of that party.
I am doing more GIS stuff today. That stuff really cloggs up a computer. Man. It takes patience.

Yesterday, David Perkes, of the Gulf Coast Design Studio, my future boss, and the Workshop Coordinator of the Gulf Coast Your Town Workshop, and Kimberly Brown, the Director of the Small Town Center, and I hashed out the schedule for the workshop. That schedule has undergone many changes through out the past few months. We started with the standard Your Town Schedule, and have modified it to make it more exciting, and what we think will make it more successful. I am really excited because, we are having many really smart people speaking at the workshop, and I cant wait to hear them. And meet them.

Well, off to the GIS machine.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

GIS and Allergies

Well, I made it back to Starkville at 11:30 last night. I did not want to leave, but it also feels good to be surrounded by all of my stuff. I was so sleepy last night, because i am getting attacked by ragweed pollen, and because it was getting late and i was starting to dose off, and swerve. I pulled over at a gas station to take a 15 minute nap, up close to the door. I asked the attendant to keep an eye on my car. She said i could not stay there, because her parking lot was small. It was 10:30!!!! what the crap. and it was empty, and i was swerving off the road. She told me i could go to the gas station down the road, but they were already closed. What a mean lady!!! I know she was probably following orders, but i was falling asleep at the wheel with no safe place to stop. I could have killed my self and people around me.

Thankfully my mom called, and i talked ot her for 30 minutes. Ahhh...... So ... I am still alive.

Today, I am learning how to use ArchGIS. Yippy....

I am also sending out some orders for tshirts I printed.
Well... that is about all i am doing today.... The new Small Town Center website will be up soon. That way you guys can actually see where i work and what i do. Ha Ha... It has been a mystery to you up until now.... I am sorry.

I am not really looking at too much right this second. I did look for Madea's Treehouse project, but i could not find it.

Oh well....
I might post more later

Sunday, September 03, 2006

online resume exhibit - a call for entries

Call For Entries
I am holding a resume online exhibit here at zenorschnitzel. This exhibit is to begin looking at the way we make resumes. Resume design has been static for...well... ever, and it is time that changes.


there are no color requirements, it can be black and white or full color.
There are no medium requirements. They can be on printer paper, internet, welded metal, grass... anything.
They should probably be able to be reproduced or represented easily, so you can give them to your future employer, you know... so you can get a job... that is the point of a resume.

Deadline is October 1, 2006

How to enter:
Send entry to me in an email via pictures, link, pdf, what ever you got. Click here to email me.

So, Who gets in the Exhibit?
I will look at the resumes....The ones that look like regular resumes will not appear online. I will notify everyone when they are posted. This is a Juried exhibit.

Are you still asking your self.... what is she talking about?
here is a link to my resume. This is getting redone soon, because things have changed, and well... it is just plain a little sloppy. But... it is an example.

Please Send your resumes to me no later than October 1st.

A weekend in atlanta

Friday, i took the day off to work in the print shop. I made some more shot gun shirts in mens sizes!!!! they are getting shot tomorrow.
I also made some business cards. So if you want one, let me know... i think i got a little carried away and made like 2000.

Things i am gonna do come my first break in november and get to go to the print shop
..... Make suprise christmas present. that is the only hint my friends get...
make new note cards.. ones that are not thank you cards
make new bbq shirt.... this one i might do sooner
make the i love cartouches shirt.

Any way... i am in atlanta right now. sittin on a balcony on North Avenue. It is nice..
I went to ikea yesterday for the first time. AMAZING.
i could spend so much money in there. ehhhh... i got a teapot.

Gabby took me to falinis and bought me lunch... which has turned out to be dinner and breakfast.. and probably lunch today.

so. thats about it.

Things i am looking at
MIT's Physical Language Workshop

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A to do list that includes a to do list.

make my to do list for your town.
clean my desk.

i have made my todo list and i have alot of stuff i aint gonna put up there

but i do want to post about a few things...
first is the Wooster Collective.
Freakin awesome. please check it out. They post a lot about art they see on the streets. It is amazing.

Second is the Independant Curators International

My gears are runnin.....

Monday, August 28, 2006


I am so much looking forward to coming to auburn this weekend, to see friends and print. I am so excited infact i think that my week is going to seem like a year. I miss Mammoth and miss printing.
I am also going to atlanta to see my best friend gabby. ohhh... how i miss my gabby.

so, with all of that to look forward to, it is really difficult to think about what i should be doing right now.

What i am looking at right this second :the helvetica film
I am eager to see that film. a film about a type face. who would have thunk it.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fruit Salad

So, today i made fruit salad. I really like the stuff, and i dont eat enough fruit, so i thought i would make some. I went to the grocery store and bought some apples and bananas and oranges and cut it all up and added blueberry yogurt. MMMMMMmm
I made a jug of iced tea too. Another thing that i like that i dont do often enough.
I am gonna make black beans and rice tonight.

today i have been downloading podcasts.
moma has a few really nice ones
i also got hauz29, adult swim, made magazine, and npr's this i believe

i am going to load up my ipod when i get home. i guess i should to that right now.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tshirts today

Yesterday afternoon was pretty fun. I dont really know how much real work i got done yesterday afternoon, but i had a good time.
At 11:00 People from the Small Town Center and i went to check out the East Oktibbeha County High School Project. The Small Town Center is working on an outdoor classroom for them. It is going to be a pretty nice project, and i hope the students really enjoy it.

From EOCHS we went to this wonderful little BBQ house called Miah's. That is pronounced Mayas, and it is short for Jeremiah. The lively lady running the place, Wendy, named it after her nephew. Wendy was awesome. You should really go meet her. I bet her husband is as much of a character. I will try to get directions to the place up as soon as i can get them from my co workers. Anyway, there is not really any place to sit there, because according to Wendy, her husband spends too much time fishing. There are four chairs to sit in and that will suit anyone just fine. We all ordered the pulled pork sandwich, fries and a sprite. It was amazing. I give this place 5 stars.

Today, i am working on getting everything ready for next friday.
I have to order shirts
finish I love cartouche shirts
make a plan for friday
update webpage

9:15 am - I have updated my webpage, and created a myspace page for zenorschnitzel. It is kind of stupid right now. i am going to work to make it a bit nicer, but probably not today.

1:49 pm - I have been slower to update my to do blog today. well, i finished making all of the film for my i love cartouches shirts. and i have a good start on Butch's webpage.
It has been a long time since we last updated his page, because it is a complete pain in the ass to update it. so i made this one. So he can update some of it, and i dont have to worry about updating the 127 pages that are in his current website.

Friday, August 25, 2006

gonna get it done

i am wrapping up a bunch of stuff that i have been working on this week. yippeeeee
the notebooks for the 3 workshops
if i can get the schedules for the other two, but they are all formatted
ordering shirts for next week
entering in all contacts for the workshops
the mississippi house.

well that is pretty much what i am doing. it feels good that i have gotten all of this stuff to where i can finish it today.

plans for this weekend: i am not going home this weekend, but i might be going to oxford ms to see Jake Fussell Play cause he is damn good.
if i go up there i am totally going to square books, and i am going to see if i can find a group of people to go see graceland 2

then i am gonna park it in the not so all night diner that i mentioned earlier and get a ton of work done.
design the i love cartouches shirt
put more stuff on my website
get business cards ready to print
get other stuff ready to print for friday!!
work on the mississippi house
Start Bs' new website

that is about all that is going on todya.
have a great afternoon

Thursday, August 24, 2006

yeah!!!! take that threadless

ha ha

oh yeah... and if you want to buy the banana nut bread shirt
go here


Good morning,
I have another day of a lot to do.
not really looking at much right now.
Tomorrow is the last day to special order a shirt.
just send me an email.
have a good day

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

meal plan menu and to do list

Last night, i held the meal plan again. I have not been good at updating about the meal plan
Last night i served :
My Famous Burgers(formerly lucas's famous burgers) secret recipe
with lettice, tomato, sharp cheddar cheese, jalopenos, onion, and spicey mustard.
Roasted Potatoes with garlic and rosemary.

Upon Request of people at work i made banana breadthis morning.

No meal plan tonight, but tomorrow night it is on.
Tenative Menu:
Grilled Chicken
Lima beans and okra
some dessert. maybe cake or something. i have a lot of bananas. maybe banana pudding. I have my grandma's recipie.

Yesterday was a day of a lot of letter writing and email writing
Today, i have to write 2 more letters
call columbus ms parks and rec
work on skate park proposal
work on the house for the coast

today i am not listening to anything, because i left my head phones at home.
and i am sorry i did not post what i was looking at yesterday
if i get a break i will.

Oh and i almost forgot.... the last thing on my todo list.:
make the new zenorschnitzel limited edition t. (of 24)
i think it is going to be called i love cartouches.

we will see.

Monday, August 21, 2006

A good project on the coast

the model home project
a competition put on by architecture for humanity.
i would suggest looking at it. there are a lot of big players in there.
also, the MSU gulf coast design studio has a submission.

toga parties are a little weird and outlook is a little overwhelming

So today, i am switching completly to outlook. it is a little weird. I have been using outlook express (because i thought that was all i had on my computer) and that just was not meeting my needs. So i am busy updating all of my addresses and contacts and what not.

As for the toga party, well i went to one saturday night, and it was just plain weird. A bunch of people dressed in sheets standing between two trailers, fights breaking out, big trucks, hunch bunch the temperature of the night, and 3 floated kegs. I wish i could have had video cameras going. but i didnt. Other than that i dont think i really enjoied it all that much.

So, today, i am mailing out a lot of letters, and getting outlook all set up. that is pretty much it

oooohhh.. check this out... see where your last name is ranked

sorry mom, is not in the top 55000 most common names in america

Thursday, August 17, 2006

untitled for the moment

yesterday's post was a bit incomplete.
and later today i will finish posting all of the books clifton brought in.

i like little things as much as the rest. this was awesome. i aplaud these people for doing this right. little burgers, but they did not stop there. this was super complete. could you imagine a party with a bunch of little burgers for dinner?
click here to see the complete meal. it is freakin sweet.

things i am looking at:
bone socks these are pretty nice

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today: A model

Today, i am going to be building a model, and continuing to work with clifton on the graphics.

unitl clifton gets ready to get going, or ann and david get here with the model stuff, i am going to look at books that clifton brought to look at

Those books are:

Envisioning Information - by edward tufte
the visual display of quantitative information - by edward tufte

The Graphic Artist and his Design Problems - by josef

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Right now i am looking at roadside art

No more Photoshop Collages

I am going to get my hair cut today. I am pretty excited, because it really needs it. And i have been avoiding getting my hair cut in starkville because i haven't known who to go to.
Finally i got a good recomendation that i trust a bit. Tokros.
I will see. Obviously my trust is not too deep.

We have been cleaning out the small town center. it is looking good. I finally have storage for my stuff.

This week, I am working with cliffton on the graphics for the bypass guidelines for Mississippi. It is a pretty cool project. we are getting to make these graphics in a way i have never done before. I have always photoshopped things to hell and back, and this time i am going to be using illustrator mostly. I have to. Cliffton, the graphic designer of the Small Town Center is making me. He says he is tired of the photo shopped collages. So, good for me, because i am learning how to illustrate, and good for cliffton because he doesnt have to see my photoshop collages.

Things to do today.
Come up with a filmstrip of sorts that show what we are going to be illustrating.
Defining exactly what the individual graphics are going to be
defining the way the illustrations will look
Get my hair cut
work on the information for the piccaune your town workshop

after work....
resize images of submissions from unselfconscious alabama
figure out how all of that will go online
update tshirts on shopify
figure out what shirts i need to print
order shirts
buy nephew a birthday present.

10:49 - we have made a pretty detailed outline of what illustrations have to be made. now time to move on to the actual filmstrip and sketching.

1:19 - I have a new head. It looks pretty nice. back to work

Monday, August 14, 2006

The day after a lot of accomplishing

Last night, i got home, worn out, but feeling good because of all i had accomplished. I worked for an entire day, with out much interruption(besides gettign kicked out of the all night diner). This is rare. I usually have things to do, or things that come up. But yesterday I was fluid. (this partially has to do that my cell phone died at around 11:00 am.)

I watched one of those detective shows that comes on all the time, and the evening east mississippi news. One thing that caught my eye was the push for a skate park in Columbus, MS.

they do amazing work , and i had really almost forgotten them for a second.

This is a picture of the skate park that they did as an installation 2000. Those guys came and spoke to Rural Studio while i was out there. They are awesome.

well. thats is about it right now. more later

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Today is a day with stuff to do.

Today's to do list:
i am making them italic as i get them done and will link the appropriate ones.

Finish Black Thumb Website.
finish art page
identity alabama this one was a time consuming one. man!!!!
identity paris this page did not take as long.
older art - i think i will do this later
add press page
add news page
shop link

Work on Zenorschnitzel website
arrow signs
hide your arms
unselfconscious alabama

business card

work shirt

Update store

So, i am sitting at this all night diner trying to get things done. as you can see, i have a lot to do today. that is why i am sitting in the Starkville diner. they are 24 hours, they have a bottomless cup, a large menu of good cheap food to choose from, and free wireless.

so far i have had coffee, water, a scrabled egg sandwich for breakfast and a hamburger for lunch. and i have practically finished off a bottle of louisana hot sauce eating those.

as of right now - 11:36, i have not been able to check off anything on my list, but that will change soon. alright, i have a nice full belly, and a fresh cup of coffee.... back at it.

it is 12:41 and i have just heard bad news..... the diner is closing at 3. i was under the impression that this place was open 24 hours. ahhhh.... oh well. i must finish!!!!!! no completions yet. but soon.

3:00 - so i have finished the identity pages for black thumb and the supposivly all night diner is closing cause it is sunday. yes. i am in the south. well... it looks like i am headed to the office to finish this stuff up. alright. till then. atleast i have made some accomplishments today!!! and i bet phillip jones off black thumb is pretty happy i am finally doing this.

4:10- after being kicked out of the all night diner(except on sundays) i had to go to my office. I used to be able to do work from home. But the people who used to give me free internet (i know in their hearts they would have wanted me using their bandwidth if they would have known i was doing it) have moved on. i am waiting for some new kids on the block to give it to me free. but until then i will have to rely on MSU, Barnes and Noble, and the almost All Night Diner. So i have uploaded the identity pics(links above) and i am working on getting the older art up.
right now i am listening to the Pine Hill Haints from Florence(and at one time Auburn), Alabama. this entry has way too many parenthesis so it is time for me to get back to work, and to stop hurting your brain and making you read through my bad grammar.

4:49 - I have almost finished blackthumb. I now have to wait for the owner to give me some text and it will be finished(except for the old art stuff) well.... i am gonna take a break

7:51 - well... i did not get all the stuff i wanted done, but that is ok. i got a lot more than i have in a long time. so... i guess that is good. i am going home. i am hungry (if i were at the all night diner, if that was what it really was, i would not be having this problem right now)

Things i am looking at:
this crazy awesome man who takes his picture every day(thanks kate)

Chris Glass has a pretty nice webpage.
Kates new paperless semmester

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wow! i have looked at my last post and wow

ok, so i just read my last post, and man, i did a lot of parting that week. ha ha. well things have really slowed down on that end. Thank goodness.
I went to Biloxi last week for work, and it is insane, still.
I am going to be putting up pictures on my website once i get my website put together the way i want it.

I went to a casino for the first time. I had to. It was the only place that i could find free wireless in Biloxi, and i was there for work, so i had to use my computer. I got there around 7:30 am, and it was so weird. There were people already drinking. That must be a hard life. I had never been in a casino before, so i had to try the slot machines. I was going to play $5. I did, i lost it in about 3 minutes. I really dont see any excitement. It was the most boring thing i have ever done in my life, but now i can say that i have done it. I dont think I will ever do that againg though.

So... Things that have been going on recently...
Jay, one of my only friends in Starkville, left for Austin on Monday. But he did not leave me unprepared. He introduced me to a lot of people, and help me get the meal plan started. I now serve people dinner 3 nights a week. It is kind of a what ever you can pay type of deal. It is nice, because I get to meet people and I get to cook, and my own grocery bill gets paid for.
Tonight i served:
Grilled Chicken
Salad with just about everything in it
Steamed Brocolli
Grilled Mushrooms.

Last night, Kate, owner of and Cliffton, owner of came over for dinner. It will probably be the last time i see them before they are married. Congradulations you two.

I am going to Auburn this weekend, and maybe Atlanta. On Wednesday i am leaving for Biloxi again. I get to go down there a lot for work. It is pretty nice.

So, Thats about it. have a good evening.


alright well, i am going to post a few things that are old, and maybe i will continue posting.
we'll see

June 12, 2006

I am about to begin the second week of work. 8am-5pm with a lunch break.
I work with some really great people. Clifton and Jay continue to excite me on new things to think about.

Finding booty with a metal detector: Jay lost his keys one day playing Frisbee golf. The next day, we went to the rental store and rented a metal detector. We returned to the site of his loss, and played more Frisbee golf, a first for me. Jay walked the entire course with the metal detector. He was unable to find the keys and at the last hole, he was telling us that he thought he lost them right about where he was standing. He looked down and found them. Then we played with the metal detector, and found many metallic treasures, including pipe, barbed wire, a sardine can, a metal tip for an arrow, a old bolt, and a few pop top things. It was exciting, but we learned why so many people do it on the beach. It is probably much easier to dig in the sand.

Mice Races: Dave’s Dark Horse, every Monday night!!!! My mouse, Jerry, won, and I got a free beer. Yippy!!!

Mule day and Glenn House: On my way out here I heard about this letter press printer, sculptor, and book maker, Glenn House, in Gordo, AL. I drove through Gordo on my way out here. It is only 45 minutes away from my house. I decided to go try to find Mr. House. When I arrived in Gordo, my car was called to a complete halt by a parade of Mules pulling fancy carts. It was awesome. I have never seen so many mules and never seen them pulling such fancy carts. It was magical. I then made it into the center of Gordo, and found Mr. House. He was eating lunch, and invited me to sit down and eat with him. I had just eaten, so I looked around while he finished his lunch.
Since it was Mule day, he was giving demonstrations on how to use his presses, score!!!!
I got to go watch, and he let me help. I got one of his prints. It was really neat, because all of his presses were really really old ones. They were so time consuming to do. It was awesome.
Thank you Mr. House. I had a wonderful day.

Rural Studio: From Gordo, I headed down to Greensboro, Alabama, to visit my friends at the Rural Studio. I met up with folks at the red barn in Newbern, and Julie and I headed back to Greensboro, and made ourselves some fancy beers. I made a Michalado, and she made red beer. We sat on the steps to her place drinking and watching passers by. She decided she wanted me to cut her hair, so I did. She seemed happy with it. I saved her hair in a jar. Part of my collection from this weekend. We went to eat at the Mexican restraint, then went to Blair and Jeff’s. We waited there for a little while, and drank a little more beer, then we headed out to club 28 to play some pool.
I returned back to Starkville early the next day.

Show and Tell: Clifton, Kate, Jay and I had pizza and beer, and showed each other things that we were interested in. I will post a link to that stuff soon.

Wishes for a happy life for Ben and Shalis: Ben Collins and Shalis Worthy were married May 31st, I think. But we celebrated their union this past Saturday, in Athens Alabama. It was a wonderful day. Their families really must have cooked their hearts out because there was a spread of food that would turn anyone into a glutton. They had 2 vegan cakes, which sounds kind of inherently wrong, but they were amazing. I had the German Chocolate cake. It was awesome. I think I liked that cake more than regular cake. It was a bit lighter, not like sponge cake, but just perfect. Ben and his friend Steven decided they were going to make Mimosas using fresh fruit to make the juice. Not only did they use orange juice, but also juice from peaches and cantaloupes. I helped Steven juice these fruits for a while. It was a magical drink.
The beer was broken out after most of their extended family left. We went out side and drank, and I watched the boys play basket ball. Dan got one in using his head. It was amazing.
We stayed up really late, sitting outside drinking, and talking, and jumping on the trampoline. I saw someone light his fart on fire, which I had always believed was just a urban myth.
I ended up sleeping on the trampoline that night with a few other people and it was pretty comfortable.
I returned to Starkville the next morning by way of the Natchez Trace. It was beautiful.

May 28, 2006
On May 11, 2006, I graduated from the Auburn University School of Architecture. And then I had nothing to do. I had to find something to do. But everything I came across was not right. And Mom was not going to accept me just sitting around the house making junk, or just drinking beer for that matter. I also kind of wanted to get out there and try something new too. That’s a lie. I really wanted to get out there and explore the world, and try new thing, and meet people, and yes, even work a real job. I wanted to start making money for doing things that I like, and supporting my self (I know my mom and dad are glad to hear that).
So here is my history of my ‘future plan’ searches this year:
I had visited firms in Portland, Oregon, and although I liked the city alright, it just wasn’t for me. Actually, I think it was too perfect. The music scene was good, the art scene was healthy. The craft scene was amazing. They had an abundance of taquerias which made me believe I was in heaven. And the things that were happening in their architecture world were pretty impressive. The city was really open to change. There it is. It is pretty perfect. So, why didn’t I move there?
Portland was too easy. I don’t think there would have been any challenge for me to find things to do. And that sounds wonderful I guess, but not too me. I want to hunt high and low to find things to do. That way I will get to know where I am. I will get to learn about the place. I want to meet people I would never normally have the opportunity to, and visit places that I have never even heard of before. I want an adventure.
Once I made to decision not to move to Portland, I was in a fretting state. I had no clue what I wanted to do. I was talking to someone about my jobless state, and she mentioned that one of my old professors was leaving his job at Mississippi State University, and he was trying to find a replacement.

I have officially spent my first night in Starkville, Mississippi. I haven’t accomplished much, besides getting my plethora of boxes moved inside, stocking my fridge with beer and stuff for breakfast, trying to find the neighborhood pool, and finding four bars within close walking distance from my house instead.
My apartment is small but good. I just don’t know where I am going to stick all of my stuff. It has a downstairs room that has a stove and hardwood floors. I am probably going to sleep there too because my bed is a fold up couch, and my dad doesn’t want to haul that thing upstairs. I also have plans for the loft that is meant to be the bedroom. I am going to turn it into my spread out area. I am going to be honest. Most people call these studios, but ultimately what I want to do up there is spread out and make a mess. This will really be the first time I have room to spread my stuff out, and see everything I am working on at once. I can’t really imagine anything more exciting.
Actually I can. I am starting a real job on Thursday, one that I have been trained for. I am actually not really sure exactly what I will be doing, but I will be doing something. And that is all that really matters. It is only a three month appointment, and it could maybe be extended for a year. So, I can handle just about anything for three months, but I have a feeling that this is going to be enjoyable. I am on a new, big adventure.

Other than my big job, and my small apartment in my new normal size town, there are a few other things:My arm is sunburned from driving here. There is a weekly auction in Gordo, Alabama.
I can’t find the pool here, but I know it exists.
They have a really cute over priced grocery store in my neighborhood called GorMae.
There is some good local beer here.
Yes this is a college town, just like auburn, except the students are starting until next week.
I can’t connect to any of my neighbor’s wireless.
My friend Lucas is a really nice person.