Sunday, October 04, 2009

An unexpected New Orleans Weekend

This weekend I was supposed to go to Rural Studio, but something came up with my traveling partner at the last minute, and I couldnt round up another one. I love rural alabama, and the Rural Studio, but it really does make it better to have a traveling partner to share the slow adventure with. So, I decided not to go.

That being said, I was hell bent on getting away from mississippi for a few days, and experience something different for a little while. My friend Seth was driving to New Orleans for the weekend, so I hitched a ride with him.

Friday night, I ate an avocado sandwich while i watched the open mic night at the Hostel for a while. I joined a few folks and walked down the street where it was opening night for a little bar. We sat out on the large back porch and talked for a while. It was a great pleasent evening with new scenery, and definitely started to recharge my batteries.

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