Saturday, January 23, 2010

15 Things to do before I turn 29

I am now officially 28! That means that I am no longer 3x3x3; I am now 3x3x3+1! It is not as exciting. So, I will just say 28.

Anyways, I think New Years resolutions are fine, but I failed to make any, and there is something about adding another year to your talley, one that started with 0 instead of 1982, is a little more meaningful, and personal. So here it is, the list of things I want to do before I turn 29.

1) Sing Kereoke. I have never done it, and it is about time I get over being nervous stuff.

2) Never buy bread from the supermarket. I almost said never buy bread at all, but I think that would force me to ignore great bakeries, and I would miss out on great things. What I mean by this is that if I want bread, I have to make it. I am good at making bread, it isnt difficult, it tastes a million times better, and it is better for me. Also, it is relaxing and comforting.

3) Read 12 books. This shouldn't be difficult, but I thought I would add this as a goal.

4) knit 12 projects. Also not a difficult goal, but something I want to achieve.

5) Paint 12 pictures. While I am on the 12's I think I should start painting again. I have not done any in about a year and a half, and that is just pitiful, damnit!

6) Save $1000. I am bad about saving, and every time I start to save, some emergency comes up where I have to spend it. I guess it is good that I have that money in store for those times, but I want to save enough to cover those and have $1000 on my next birthday!

7) Make a good vegetable garden. I have one now, but the soil is poor. So, I want to make it thrive!

8) Make a compost pile or bin! this is a little more difficult, because I rent, but I think it is possible to make some way of storing compost!

9) Write a letter every week. This is something I used to be much better at.

10) Design a new Tshirt!

11) redesign my website.
12) visit the beach every week. i cannot take my beautiful surroundings for granted.

13) keep my car clean. I have gotten so much better about this than I used to. But I want to do better.

14) learn a new skill. anything. just i need to learn something new.

15) Complete 4 of the 7 Arch Exams!

Alright, that is all. ;)

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