Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh to Be a Democrat! Voting, and Apologies

Oh, to be a Democrat, it is a proud thing for me.  Tonight my political energy was charged at a local fundraiser for the Democratic Party of Jackson County.  I am inspired to do more!    

From now until at least the election in November, I will be blogging on how I made my choice to identify with the Democratic Party, and how those choices have only been reinforced over the 12 years I have been voting.  To be honest, I don't clearly remember being so strongly oriented at the beginning of my voting life, but as I have grown older, as I have seen more of life, I have definitely grown clear and strong beliefs about what life in this amazing country is and how I think it can improve.  

I know that many of my friends and family disagree with my views.  Although I wish they thought the same way I do, I am so happy to live in a place where I can have friends and family who think differently and are vocal about it, and we can still remain friends and family after all is said and done.  I hope those friends and families take the time to read this, and feel free to respond with your thoughts and comments.  The internet is an open forum, lets use it and be proud to be Americans where we don't have to fear retribution from our government if we disagree. 

Tonight, I have two things to say.  

First and most important, REGISTER TO VOTE!  And do it now!  Democrat, Republican, Independent.... Just do it. If you don't know how visit this site.  If you are in Mississippi, here is the form.  Call 800-829-6786 to find out where to mail the form, or if you have any other questions.  If you need some help, I would be happy to do so.  If you need me to print it out, an envelope, a stamp, or someone to drop it in the mail box, let me know.  I will be happy to help. 

Second, and this is something that has been in the news a lot lately, and in the past.  The Obama administration has been getting some flack for its response, or supposed response to the attack on the embassy in Benghazi and the protests in Libya and Egypt.  I am not going to dispute what happened.  You can read the news, Here are some links for you about political outfall of this weeks atacks. :  Link 1Link 2.

 Throughout his term, Obama has been criticized for apologizing for the US's foreign policies and actions.  I am pretty sure that if I were taking office after President GW Bush, I would be apologizing as well.  I would also apologize for such hateful matter as the video that has been causing so much controversy in the Middle East.  (although, I am not sure that Obama has appologized.  I know that the Egyptian Embassy did, before the attacks took place.)  The person/people who made that hateful video condemning and lying about Islam and Muhammad are no better than the protesters and rioters.  It is this kind of hateful action that is not representative of the United States, and if it did come from the US, I would condemn the making and publishing of that material. Just a note -- Obama has condemned the attacks fully.  He is not taking the protesters side. 

So let me get to the point here.  I am glad that Obama can see fault in our country, and our citizens actions.  I am surprised that the Romney and Republican party has a hard time with this.  I am not sure why someone would run for President if they don't see the chance to make the country better, and to do that you have to admit fault or admit that the US is not perfect. This is a major reason I support Obama.  He can see the faults in this country and still adore it.  He can see how he can help lead this country to those changes, and I admire him, as well as the Democratic party for that! 

I am also glad that Obama has acted somewhat apologetically and humble about his position. As children, we learn that it is respectful to apologize for bad behavior, and I believe that it should be no different in foreign policy (or domestic policy for that matter).  If we don't respect other leaders, cultures, religions, countries etc, how can we expect them to respect us?  

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
― Ernest Hemingway

 Alright, I feel I can go on for hours about this.  I can also see that these posts are going to be long, and that I will try to break it up a little bit.  Good night! 

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