Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Womens Build 2013 is under way in DOD shirts!!!!

Women in Construction and the Kaiser Foundation have teamed up yet again, this year for the Women's Build 2013 which is setting out to build the new Training Center for the Women in Construction program, which was designed by the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio

I got to design their shirts!  Wahoo.... I haven't seen them in person yet, but they were seen on the news last night!    Below is the proof for the shirt. It was based on the traditional storage of tools and the idea of a mandala. 

The mandala is a form of meditation that is used in many cultures. The making of it is about meditation.  I think learning can be a type of meditation, the practice, the repetition, and that passing through to the rest of your life. For me, building can even be a form of meditation.  The design for this became clear to me. 

Here is the video!
WLOX.com - The News for South Mississippi

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