Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Houston is Awesome

I traveled to Houston Texas this past week and I did my very best to do it up right! This trip had several goals: to see my lover, visit with friends and family, see art, and to do research on coffee shops, cocktail parlors and restaurants.

Unfortunately, I didn't do a great job of taking pictures of the vacation, but here are some I managed.

I have priorities when going to a big city. Ones that usually include going to IKEA and Trader Joes.  I decided to get my IKEA run out of the way, but needed coffee first.  Josh and Waldo met me at Siphon Coffee....

This was Waldo's (not my lover) Macchiato, the falice was 'unintentional' but I had to take a picture. 
While at Siphon, My friend Amy, the Guru of Southern Food, popped in and surprised me!  We made plans for the next day to drive out to Killens BBQ in Pearland.  

Waiting in line for Killen's BBQ!  This is at 10:30 am... It opens at 11.

Did I mention it was cold?  This is sweet S.  She was on a mission for meat.  

Yes... This line was serious!

But it was worth it!  Those baked beans were some of the best!  The ribs were amazing!  
While in Houston, I was surfing the NY Times, and an article about Texas was posted.  It mentioned the Hong Kong Mall.  I decided to go!

All of the Sriracha!

I am not sure if this picture does this produce section justice, but it was really huge!

I left that wild mall with some christmas presents and spices.  I headed for the Menil collection!  This is one of my favorite museums ever!

I loved this!

And when in Houston, you drive... A LOT.....But at least there are things to entertain you!

And there is Mexica Food:  Tacos-A-Go-Go!

More Coffee ... this time Catalina!

And more meat!  For my last dinner in Houston, Josh and I went to the James Beard Award winning restaurant: The Underbelly! 

An awful picture of the best chicken I have ever had!

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