Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wow! i have looked at my last post and wow

ok, so i just read my last post, and man, i did a lot of parting that week. ha ha. well things have really slowed down on that end. Thank goodness.
I went to Biloxi last week for work, and it is insane, still.
I am going to be putting up pictures on my website once i get my website put together the way i want it.

I went to a casino for the first time. I had to. It was the only place that i could find free wireless in Biloxi, and i was there for work, so i had to use my computer. I got there around 7:30 am, and it was so weird. There were people already drinking. That must be a hard life. I had never been in a casino before, so i had to try the slot machines. I was going to play $5. I did, i lost it in about 3 minutes. I really dont see any excitement. It was the most boring thing i have ever done in my life, but now i can say that i have done it. I dont think I will ever do that againg though.

So... Things that have been going on recently...
Jay, one of my only friends in Starkville, left for Austin on Monday. But he did not leave me unprepared. He introduced me to a lot of people, and help me get the meal plan started. I now serve people dinner 3 nights a week. It is kind of a what ever you can pay type of deal. It is nice, because I get to meet people and I get to cook, and my own grocery bill gets paid for.
Tonight i served:
Grilled Chicken
Salad with just about everything in it
Steamed Brocolli
Grilled Mushrooms.

Last night, Kate, owner of and Cliffton, owner of came over for dinner. It will probably be the last time i see them before they are married. Congradulations you two.

I am going to Auburn this weekend, and maybe Atlanta. On Wednesday i am leaving for Biloxi again. I get to go down there a lot for work. It is pretty nice.

So, Thats about it. have a good evening.

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