Sunday, August 13, 2006

Today is a day with stuff to do.

Today's to do list:
i am making them italic as i get them done and will link the appropriate ones.

Finish Black Thumb Website.
finish art page
identity alabama this one was a time consuming one. man!!!!
identity paris this page did not take as long.
older art - i think i will do this later
add press page
add news page
shop link

Work on Zenorschnitzel website
arrow signs
hide your arms
unselfconscious alabama

business card

work shirt

Update store

So, i am sitting at this all night diner trying to get things done. as you can see, i have a lot to do today. that is why i am sitting in the Starkville diner. they are 24 hours, they have a bottomless cup, a large menu of good cheap food to choose from, and free wireless.

so far i have had coffee, water, a scrabled egg sandwich for breakfast and a hamburger for lunch. and i have practically finished off a bottle of louisana hot sauce eating those.

as of right now - 11:36, i have not been able to check off anything on my list, but that will change soon. alright, i have a nice full belly, and a fresh cup of coffee.... back at it.

it is 12:41 and i have just heard bad news..... the diner is closing at 3. i was under the impression that this place was open 24 hours. ahhhh.... oh well. i must finish!!!!!! no completions yet. but soon.

3:00 - so i have finished the identity pages for black thumb and the supposivly all night diner is closing cause it is sunday. yes. i am in the south. well... it looks like i am headed to the office to finish this stuff up. alright. till then. atleast i have made some accomplishments today!!! and i bet phillip jones off black thumb is pretty happy i am finally doing this.

4:10- after being kicked out of the all night diner(except on sundays) i had to go to my office. I used to be able to do work from home. But the people who used to give me free internet (i know in their hearts they would have wanted me using their bandwidth if they would have known i was doing it) have moved on. i am waiting for some new kids on the block to give it to me free. but until then i will have to rely on MSU, Barnes and Noble, and the almost All Night Diner. So i have uploaded the identity pics(links above) and i am working on getting the older art up.
right now i am listening to the Pine Hill Haints from Florence(and at one time Auburn), Alabama. this entry has way too many parenthesis so it is time for me to get back to work, and to stop hurting your brain and making you read through my bad grammar.

4:49 - I have almost finished blackthumb. I now have to wait for the owner to give me some text and it will be finished(except for the old art stuff) well.... i am gonna take a break

7:51 - well... i did not get all the stuff i wanted done, but that is ok. i got a lot more than i have in a long time. so... i guess that is good. i am going home. i am hungry (if i were at the all night diner, if that was what it really was, i would not be having this problem right now)

Things i am looking at:
this crazy awesome man who takes his picture every day(thanks kate)

Chris Glass has a pretty nice webpage.
Kates new paperless semmester

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