Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Power and Water!!!! and NEIGHBORS!!!

So, i have power now in my new house, and i am getting water tonight. I will be cleaning for the rest of the week.
Last night i got to meet a bunch of my neighbors. We have made plans for porch sitting and beer drinking and BBQ'ing.

My tent got flooded in the rain the last two days and I could not find a bed in hands on, so i am sleeping in my car out in the parking lot. It is not as bad as it sounds, my car is warmer than my tent was. And dad, if you are reading this, dont get worried. I am ok.

Other than all of that, biloxi is really my type of city. There is good food, nice people, and the beach. Tonight, after i get a dent in the cleaning of my house, i plan on going to the Beau Rivage for ladies night, no cover and free drinks for women!!! hell yea! It is nice to be a woman!

Off to work!

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