Sunday, May 27, 2007

Its been a long time... i have been busy

So i have been busy, and i dont think i am going to give you a recap of everything since i last posted. Some basics:

James came down to look for a place to live. I think he and i are going to be roommates. I like where i live, but i think it will be nice to have a roommate or two, because it gets awfully lonely over here, way away from everyone i work with and most of the people i know. it was nice to have company and we stayed totally busy the entire time.

Friday night i went dinner with a friend, and hung out on the beach and shared a bottle of wine. It was a pretty great evening, what with good food, friendship, and the beach. It makes me feel really lucky to live here. That was the first time i have really ever hung out on the beach, and my company made it even nicer.

Saturday, i went to work in biloxi at the red house. I helped level some brackets that were going on the footings for the new covered area. I am not sure what they are calling it, whether it is a porch or an awning or a shaded area, but that is what i did. I did not stay too long, because my ride had to go to miss ethel's house. I going there tomorrow to help float the floor. I have never done that before, so this will be a good learning experience.

Also on saturday, i had to work at sweets. It was the chicken shit contest. I was really surprised by how long it took for the chicken to shit three times, but it took about 5 hours. It was a funny event though.

After the chicken finally pooped, and i got off work, i went to the shed, and heard a band and spent time with friends from work. I nice close to a busy day. I went home and passed out, i was exhausted.

Today... well, today was a busy day as well. I forgot to turn off my alarm clock, and i ended up getting up at 5:45 am. But it was alright, i got up, made coffee, and headed to the grocery store. when i got home, i started the laundry, and took deloris on a run, then rode my bike to the gym. When i got home i made some oatmeal molasses bread. It turned out well, although i thought i had messed it up. I grilled a steak for lunch today and the next few days. Then i took a nap and went back to sweets. It was a pretty quiet night up there, except of course for the Nascar Race. (james: i am sorry about jeff gorden!)

Now i am sitting at home and typing this blog, and watching my dog try to catch flies. She is doing a pretty good job. I think she just got her second one. I am also listening to bonnie prince billy. Alight, time for me to tuck my self into my bed so that i can work at full strength.

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James said...

As I wrote before about Gordon wrecking out. Tony Raines is a no-talent hack. Hall of Fame Racing my sweet butt. Anyhoo, looking forward to being back. Starting the mass sell of stuff tomorrow and handing in my thesis. Hope all is well. Any leads on other places? Let me know boo! Oh, and who won the Chicken Shit?