Tuesday, May 29, 2007

i can paint a wall now!

yesterday i worked over at Miss Ethels house with a group from Hands On. It was nice to get in to stuff like that again. I need to do it more often. Quincy taught me how to roll out a wall. Now i have painted my room and all, but she taught me how to do it right. So i now have a new skill. yeah!

other than that, i went to sweets and played a few games of pool. I beat Burt with an awesome bank shot of the 8 ball. that is only the second bank shot i have ever made, so i am really excited about that. and the fact that i beat Burt is pretty awesome..
After kicking Burt's ass, he kicked mine, and since we were playing for a kiss on the cheek the second game, i had to pucker up and deliver.
You know, i love the folks at Sweets. They really look out for me and care about me. It is like having a second family. Burt sat and listened to me bitch about how stupidly shy i get some times, which is something i am really self conscious about, and i end up acting really stupid and awkward. And i appreciate him listening to all of that crap. I needed an ear last night.

After i got done pouring out my anxieties to burt, i went to hang out with a few other friend's at their house, and thats about it for my evening.

Right now i am not listening to anything, not even NPR which is weird. ok, now i am. I am trying to figure out what i am going to listen to on my run with sweet deloris.

alright, well... there is my post for the day. are you happy james? hha just kidding. i am trying to get better about posting more, and the answer to your question is no, i have no leads, i have been slack or busy, which ever you would like to say. Buck, the ass hole won first, jay, a guy who comes in late, won second and Super awesome Willie won third. it was a funny thing to see, and i am glad you will be down here for the next one!

alright, i gotta go run.
gonna listen to Neutral Milk Hotel starting with the song King of Carrot Flowers part 1 immediately followed by part 2 and 3....

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