Thursday, May 30, 2013

Paper Doll Show

I consider my self so lucky to have been invited to participate in the Paper Dolls Uncut Art Show  at the Duckett Gallery at the Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center of Arts & Education in Ocean Springs Mississippi.

What a great idea! Paper dolls, they are art to be played with. They are for play! 

My work, set up in the gallery!
I did two series for this show.  The first I did the tiny houses, with interchangeable flags. (I hope to get those documented and on my website soon.  I will post the link when I do.) 
The second series, which can be seen in more detail on my website, were a series of little boxes with a vintage photo in the rear. Then I made little scenes that could be changed out in front of the images.

My Paper doll Boxes! The available boxes are for sale at my Etsy Shop
This was such a fun project.  I loved having a theme, or an idea to work off of that came from outside of me.  It was refreshing. 

It was also so nice to see how all of the other artists interpreted the idea.  

by Joey Rice

by Bill Myers

Sue Weidie Findeisen

By Chris Stebly

By Mary Anderson Pickard

By Mary Anderson Pickard

by Kerr Grabowski

by Leif Anderson, Matt Stebly, Carol Hutcherson

by Jason Stebly, Ellen Ellis Lee, Kat Fitzpatrick

Bill Myers, Stacy Johnson, Mary Hardy

Carmen Lugo, Michael Walker, Marcella Upton, Regan Carney

Camille Boggs, Mary Hardy, Jessie Zenor, Carol Hutcherson

Steve Shepard, Joreje Lavato, Shane and Sheri Sekul

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Anonymous said...

I think this was a great show.Amazing to see how each artist's creativity took them to a different place with the same theme, paper dolls.Loved being in it. Dina