Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Ganesha

Ganesha's Birthday has to be one of my favorite holidays.  This is the second year I have celebrated with friends of mine, one of which makes the beautiful Ganesha every year.  She makes it out of clay, and then, after the celebration is over, they take him to the bayou so he can return to his home.  

 Ganesha is the Lord of Obstacles, known for both removing as well as placing them. But like most of the Hindu deities, he is not so simple.  To learn more about him please check out his wikipedia page. 

Here is Ganesha and his offerings at his alter.  For his birthday he gets tasty foods, fruits, flowers, candles, and insistence!  Lucky deity he is! 

Below is Dunga the Great!  He is a giant dog!

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