Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Ha, that sounded bad, the title that is. I meant my first house. I am really excited about this one, because it is a very very narrow lot, measuring 30' wide. once you put in all of the setbacks, it leaves a 20 foot space to build your house. Hells yeah!

I think that we might also be able to build a pretty nice house because it is going to be small, maybe two bedrooms, and we have a similar budget as the rest of the houses. I really like the client too. Very sweet man. he came into the office today to meet with me in camoflauge insulated coveralls. He just wants in his house. He doesnt care. He doesnt want to live in his trailer any more. When we went to measure the site, we were greeted with a very happy dog. He was young and his personality reminded me a lot of Miss Deloris. So... I am really excited about this project. It has a lot of potential. Ahhh... ok off to work.

Oh yeah. Deloris has a boyfriend. More details on her new man later. But i think she is a hussy! Always chasin all of those men dogs around. First Hector, now this little boy dog. This one is a younger man too. What are we gonna do with her? Ha.

Oh yeah! I have posted some new pictures of Ocean Springs on my Flickr page

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