Monday, February 12, 2007

a review of my weekend. This has to be quick

So i have had a pretty good weekend.... I got a lot done including my budget, cleaning my house, laundry, uploading my pictures on flickr, but my overall free time productivity is down. New Years resolutions always result in a failure to meet the goal, but i am going to keep trying. I will be a very productive person this week!!!!

Friday and saturday nights i hung out at sweets. I had a few chips(free beer markers) left, so i stayed close. I got a lot of cleaning done saturday morning, and a lot of things i have been needing to do, finished. Yesterday i woke up, ran deloris, and started cleaning some more. I went to the Hands On Volunteer Camp so Robin could cut my hair. It looks good. Thanks Boo!!!!

I rushed home to change, and headed up to the lynchburg for some shuffelboard.

I sat with my friends and watched the shuffleboard tournament, and played a little pool. I got a call from Rachel at Sweets asking me to work that evening. So....i had to switch to water, not a big deal, and i did steal a few swollows of beer from a friend. Thanks boo.

So i went to work at sweets, which was so much fun. It was funny to see people when they came in and see me behind the bar. one guy just shook his head. HA! I like bartending there, and i hope rachel needs me again. There is something a bit empowering about bartending. Oh yeah. its because i am controling the beer. HA HA
alright, gotta go to work.

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