Friday, February 09, 2007

A nice week, and arguments!

I know it has been a while since my last post, so i will touch on a bunch real quick.

Last Sunday was super bowl Sunday. I met some folks I had met a few nights before at the Grocery up at they Lynchburg which is a bar much like sweets, but bigger , they sell liquor and they have shuffle board. It was pretty nice hanging out with a younger crowd, and meeting good folks. The only downside is they insisted on buying jager for the group. Jager and i don't really get along too well. I finally talked someone who was buying a round into getting me a whiskey, but i guess i will just have to toughen up and just embrace the jager if i am going to continue to hang with this group.

Work has been a bit tough on the heart this week. I met with a client, who's house i am supposed to begin designing, and we get there, and they begin telling their story. The husband of our client got very emotional. It is rough going on those types of visits, because everyone is so desperate to get into their homes. And we cant do it fast enough. I really love listening to people open up, but it really tears me apart at the same time. When i left the meeting, i was just trying to take in what he had said, and i cant even begin to understand. I don't believe i have the capacity to grasp it all and i am continuously humbled by these conversations and the people who are able to deal with what life has thrown at them.

I have also gotten my first taste of dealing with construction managers. One of these guys who is down here managing the construction for a christian volunteer organization is doing work on one of the houses i worked on. He came up to my office, and started almost bad mouthing the client. I have really taken a liking to this client, and this CM was just being intolerable. "we cant do this, we cant do that" He was just being difficult. He wanted me to change the plan because it would save him from digging 20" deeper. Come on. He needs to remember why he came down here in the first place. He is more concerned with the numbers now, than the clients. I have seen him for the past 3 days, and it just gets worse and worse.

So, yeah...
my evenings have been really nice. I have made a new friend up at sweets. It is nice to have someone to really talk to on a regular basis. He was there last night, and some of my new friends from the Grocery came by. We drastically changed the demographics of that bar last night. the average age in the bar was lowered by 20 years last night. The grocery folks were disappointed that there is no Jager at Sweets. (thank god!)

alright back to work boo!

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