Thursday, March 15, 2007

I think i have done something bad!

I am a pretty big believer that if you do good, good things will happen to you, and if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you. Much like that Karma thing. Well, i am not really sure what i have done, but it must have been pretty bad.
this week has been pretty crazy.
first, my computer crashed. i mean bad crashed. blue screen of death... taking it to the geek squad to recover what ever they can, and then i am reformatting.... scary!

second, it has been raining a lot, so i have been forced to keep my puppy in the house. I bought her a lot of toys so she would have things to chew on.... and she chose to chew up my sofa. It is raining pretty bad again today, so i am having to pay some one to take care of her today, at least she is getting to play with other dogs, but... yeah.

third, last night was a night of fights at the bar. Two of them. This was the first time i have ever seen a fight at that bar, and they both happen under my watch, and both were a little scary. I am not sure i really like being around fights, but i do like working at sweets and i like the extra money i get from it.

Oh yeah, and friday, my dog ran away, and i got her back Saturday, but it was a worrisome evening

So... i hope today goes well. and nothing else happens.

alright, i hope my next blog contains some happy times. I must say that i am not unhappy, at all, there are just a lot of bad things happening, none of which are that big of a deal, but i want some good things to happen. i am not having a pity party, it is just one of those weeks. I am healthy, i have a roof, plumbing, food, clothes, shoes, a car, a little spending money, family, and a dog that loves me. I cant really cannot complain too much.

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