Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A trip to the RS

I decided to leave town for a few days this weekend. It is the first time I have left the coast since Christmas Break, and it was much needed. I decided that i would go see my friends up at the Rural Studio, so i took Delores to the baby sitter's, packed my car, picked up my friend and took off.
We took the back roads there, and stopped in Tomaston, AL to see the Rural Heritage Center and the Farmers Market. This was my friend's first time at the Rural Studio, so we had to see as much as we could. I was delighted to find out that they are now serving brunch and dinner at the Rural Heritage Center. Their menu looked wonderful.
We made our way to Newbern, with quick stops at the Morrisette House, the pods, Sub Rosa, and the spencer house. We made our way to Greensboro, and called up danny, who has a sweet(some would say wicked) apartment downtown he was letting us crash in.
Ate Mexican , went to the new restaurant o'grands for a beer with Jeremy, the new bartender, and made our way out to Club 28 which makes Sweets look like the Beau Rivage.

The next day, we ran up to Mason's bend, then to Akron, to try to see Amos(the bad ass print maker) and the boys and girls club. Amos was not there, but the boys and girls club and the senior citizens center were. We headed to Perry Lakes Park, stopping at the Pig in Greensboro for picnic supplies. At Perry lakes park, we saw the pavillion, the bathrooms, the bridge, the walkways and the birding tower. But what we were aiming at in the park was the beach. It was a beautiful day... hot and sunny. We set out our towels stripped down to our bathing suits, and brought out our picnic, which included those little tuna kits, plums, oranges, apples, bananas, tomatoes and a 24 oz beer.

We got really good and hot laying out in the sun, and had to test our fate with the water of the Cahaba. It wasn't too cold, but at the same time it wasnt to easy to get in all of the way. Once we got used to the temperature of the water, it was really great and refreshing. I got back out, laid down on my towel and fell asleep for an hour or so. Apparently I was snoring.

We went back to greensboro, ate at O'grands, and hung out with some more friends. We watched danny , dan and mark dunk basketballs, and met Dan's sweet neighbor who runs the Martin Luther King Jr. Museum. The next morning we had to head back. I had to work at sweets, but thats ok. We took the smallest roads we could find, and only got lost once.

ahh what a good weekend.

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