Friday, June 01, 2007

F That!!!! That's 50 cents!!!

So, at Sweets Lounge, there is a rule that if you say the F-Word, you have to put 50 cents in the F-Word Jar. Alright, so it kind of sucks, and i have been known to use that word a few times in my life, but its only 50 cents, and the money goes to pay for the cookouts. So, that being said, i have been as good as i can be at catching people for the 50 cent rule. Last night, a regular came in, and he was already pretty drunk. I did not realize how drunk he was until i had already served him his beer. Any way, he was spouting off the F-Words left and right. I let a few slide, but i asked him not to say it again. He got real mad and said it 2 more times. I asked for a dollar, but he refused to pay it. I told him he needed to leave, and he kept bitching. He finally asked if he could finish his beer. I told him if he sat there and shut his mouth and drank his beer real quick he could finish it, but if he opened his mouth i would make him leave. He sat there for about a minute, but his mouth just couldn't help it.... he was back at bitching about having to pay a dollar. I told him to leave, he refused and kept bitching. I had to call Rachel, my boss. She walked up to the bar, in her pj's, hair in a scrunchy, pulled from bed over the F-Word. She was pissed. She grabbed the bottle from his hand and said, get out. He wanted to bitch a little more, and Rachel grabbed the phone, got right in his face, and said we can do this the easy way or the hard way.... i was standing back, letting her do her thing, and thinking about how much of a cowboy scene it was. He still refused to leave; and Rachel called the LAW! He finally left, and as usual the entire bar had to talk about it for another hour. We called the LAW off, and everything was alright.

Oh my goodness, i still cant believe that we had to call the LAW over the F-Word. Ahhh...

Anyway, yesterday the ductwork at the center was being installed. So, not only was there scaffolding over my desk but my skin itched because of the fiberglass in the air. The same thing will probably be taking place today, but at the time the picture below was taken, they had made it past my desk, so no more scaffolding over my head. YEAH! Here is the view from my desk!

Right now i am listening to NPR, because that is what i do in the morning.

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