Saturday, October 06, 2007

Miss Patience's Fence haulted again, and stuff to do today!

I was really hoping that we were going to be able to work on Miss Patience's Fence this weekend, but since it rained yesterday, the power company was unable to remove the power pole. I guess it will have to wait until the weekend after i get home from my vacation.

Speaking of vacation, well i have 2 little trips to alabama planned. Next friday i will be going to Rural Studio for the Alumni Weekend. I will be back in Mississippi Monday and Tuesday. Then i head out for Auburn for Dad's award ceremony! I am pretty excited about going home.

Today, well, since i am not going to be doing the fence today, i have a busy schedule.

I am going to be working on la maison de la crevette aka the shrimp house. Oooohh.. i am so close to the finish of it, I probably will not finish it today, because of the other things i want to get done.

Those things being:
clean up my home
clean up my yard
clean up my car
take pictures of my new shirt
update my store
take deloris on a bike ride
Take care of my laundry

So, i plan on working on la maison de la crevette, just not to completion.

I have a bunch on my plate today, so i had better get moving, especially since i plan on watching a little of the Auburn game, and going to Gautier to the Mullet Festival.
bye bye for now!

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