Wednesday, October 24, 2007

broken lip and broken foot!

I played frisbee last night, as i do most tuesdays these days, and it started off nice it was cool outside, the first time i did not feel i was dieing of dehydration within the first 15 minutes... it was so perfect... until... UNTIL Will threw the frisbee to me, and it was a bullet. It was coming at me faster than i could tell, and I cought it,but i think i was trying to catch it with my face as well, because it was stopped by both my hands and my lip. I turned around and threw the frisbee real fast, and grabbed my lip and it was bleeding, and if you have ever had a busted lip, you know it bleeds, and bleeds. I got blood all down the sleeve of my sweatshirt, and ran inside Salvo, and got a paper towel. I bled all over that, and it was not a bad cut, it just bled and bled.
I sat out for the rest of that game, until the water break, and i joined in on the next one, because my lip had finally stopped its gushing.
I was playing hard again, my lip felt funny because it was swollen, but it did not hurt. It was not 10 minutes of hard playing until i was chasing the frisbee, and i felt it. I had stepped funny, and it felt like a bunch of stuff moving around inside of my foot. I stopped dead in my tracks. It hurt. Bad. But i wanted to play, and I had just got back in the game after my recovery of my lip, and i did not want to seem like a wimp, or that i was trying to get attention.

This was super stupid of me, but i kept playing, mostly out of pride. But, i just did not want this bad attention of sitting out. And i could not really just go home, because i had already made plans to watch a movie with folks. So i would have had to sit there, or go home and miss the movie. So i played... With my hurt foot, but i did expect it to work its way out. And it actually felt better, as i played. I guess it stayed warm and stretched out.

It started really getting sore after the movie, and by the time i woke up i could not put any weight on it. It hurt really bad. I started worrying that it could be broken.
I called a coworker and got him to send me a file i was working on, and waited till 8 to call the doctor to make an appointment. I got the appointment at 10:30 am, and between the doctor's and the hospital, i did not get home until 2:30.

Thank goodness it was not broken. and at this hour, it is feeling sore, but better than this morning. eh.

Worries: my training for the half marathon is messed up, deloris is going to drive me nuts because she is not getting her exercise, and i am going to drive my self nuts because i am not getting my exercise.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


ginger said...

Ack! I hope you are feeling better now!!

Jessie Zenor said...

thanks, my lip is all better, with just a slight blemish, and my foot, well, it is getting there. it is a bit achy. I tried to run yesterday, and it worked, but it left it a bit more achy. I hope it will be better next week. I am feeling pretty antsy without my vigorous daily activity.