Thursday, October 04, 2007

coffee and potatoes and a brand new house!

So, I could not find any good coffee down here, and i was starting to miss it. I have been drinking Cafe' Bustelo, but i have kind of gotten tired of it. It is alright coffee, but you know, sometimes you just want a good cup of coffee. I was going to buy some on my way through Alabama, but i just could not wait. So i went to Higher Ground on the internet, a fair trade/organic coffee company from Leeds, Alabama, and ordered me 3 bags of coffee. I think next month i am going to subscribe to their coffee subscription. Anyway, i ordered it tuesday morning, and it was waiting on my door step yesterday(wednesday) after work. Oh my goodness. I cannot tell you how excited i was. When i opened the box, a strong smell of fresh good coffee came rushing out of the box!!!! Ahhhhh! yeah! Even though it was in the evening i made a pot right then of one of my favorites... the Magic City Blend. ahhh heaven!

Yesterday was also a pretty damn awesome day at work. the thing that made it most awesome was the dedication of the Parker House, which was our blitz build house. We started it 2 weeks ago, on September 19, and dedicated it yesterday. It was a great project because it brought a bunch of groups together, which normally do not work together too much. more pictures can be seen here. I will be posting the link to the GCCDS website as soon as i get that one ready!

Oh and one last thing before i head out on my run!

Check out this great new series the folks at The Big Things are putting out. Oh lordy, this is where i am getting my news now! I present the TUBER REPORT!!! (that link links to wednesday's report) Brian Z.... not only does your last name start with a Z, which is amazing, you have made me laugh a few good times. And i guess to give the whole Big Things Update... There is a new Batman, Broken Hearts and Underpants

Alright, Deloris is officially ready to go, so i must head out! have a good day!

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