Saturday, February 06, 2010

I Hate Crape Myrtles

Thats not true. I think they are beautiful, especially in the winter, with their seed pods, and their peeling bark.

I AM tired of them though. I think that they are very over planted. I think that this world would be better off if another crape myrtle was never planted. WE HAVE ENOUGH!!!!

Almost every small town has them in their street-scapes. Every new development plants them. Hell! Almost every yard that gets landscaping work done has them.

They are pretty plants, but my suggestion is that if you dont have them in your yard, keep it that way. Enjoy them when you visit your friend's house, or when you go to church, or go the grocery store, or go down town, or walk down the street. They are in your life enough.

Instead, I think you should, and every municipality, church, grocery store, should start planting other small trees that have color different times of years. What about the redbud, or the gardenia(i know it inst a tree, but it is beautiful and smells good), or the magnolia, or the dogwood, or the grancy gray beard, or the popcorn tree. all are beautiful. What about a blueberry bush? What about going to the nursery and exploring what is there?


Make an adventure out of it. Find something that is right for you, not something that is so safe that you are sure to not offend!

Good luck and have fun!

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