Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac.. for now it is a waiting game.

My Miss-Adventure continues with my very first Hurricane!  Well, it is still Tropical Storm Isaac, but it is predicted to become a hurricane some time today! I have decided to stay, and ride it out.  My house is at a pretty high elevation, and seems pretty sturdy.  As of right now, it is windy, and a little dark out.  Not too bad.  It has been a touch misty since last night, but no rain yet.  My bicycle is inside, and my car is fueled up.  I (by that I mean James) have removed the dinosaur head from my front door, and I am enjoying the sound of the wind and a cup of coffee for the moment.  James brought over a generator, and we have plenty of water.

The front of my house without its mascot, a t rex head..... He is in side, taking cover from the storm.

Update:  9:30 AM
Here are some videos from this morning at front beach 

Getting Ice 

Update: 8/31/12 
Things are all good here in the Ugly Green House.  No damage was sustained, and I managed to rest up for what looks to be a busy few weeks coming up!  
Videos from the rest of the storm:  
Front Beach Ocean Springs, 8/30  8:00 am

East Beach Ocean Springs 8/29 5:00pm

Ugly Green House Ocean Springs 8/29 6:30 am

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