Monday, October 30, 2006

Wahoo... I am in Biloxi

Well, after ending my time in Starkville on Thursday, I had another pretty relaxing weekend. I drove to Auburn on Thursday night, and saw a few friends. Friday, i took care of a bunch of errands during the day.
Friday evening a friend of mine took off to Montgomery to visit the capri theatre to see Fact-ot-um, a movie about Charlse Bukowski. It was pretty good. In proper Bukowski fashion, we snuck a bottle of Jim Beam into the Theatre.
We hit the 1028 club for a ying ling then headed over to El Ray's which i would totally recomend. We had a black bean buritto, and a portabello mushroom quesodilla.
I still have not yet learned to spell.

Anyway, i spent the rest of the weekend in Auburn helping my mom stuff envelopes and watching football.

I left for biloxi at 4:50 this morning. I arrived here at 9:15. Not a bad drive. It was really nice to see the sunrise behind me.

So now the adventure in biloxi begins!!!

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