Monday, October 02, 2006

Picayune Mississippi is where i am at

I am in Picayune Mississippi right now and i am using prepositions at the end of my subject lines today. oh well. i guess it just be that way sometimes.

We are putting on a workshop right now in picayune. It is pretty neat seeing all of these community members learning about design and taking a proactive interest in their community.

It is also pretty fun cause i have my own hotel room. This is only the second time in my life to have my own room. Sweet. (the first was when my car broke down in hattiesburg)

So...I am going to the Picayune Arboritum with students from LSU(sorry we kicked your butt a few weeks ago, and how could you let MSU score on you... come on. i guess we did the same with Buffalow.)

alright, so my comments are scattered like my brain and an order of waffle house hashbrowns .


Here is something good to listen too
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