Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Back in Starkville - being nomadic

I am back in Starkville. That trip was very energizing. It is incredible to see community members take the planning of their homes into their own hands. I met a group of amazing people too.

I got to see the new parsons building
it was a design build program. I will write more about it later, but i can tell you that this is where i will be doing my laundry when i finally get down to the coast.

So now to the being nomadic. I am refering to it like that because when i think of being homeless it kind of makes me a bit sad. I am not going to be able to move to the coast for 2-3 more weeks. ahh.... my lease ran up at the end of September and I have been going all over Mississippi since then. I went to picayune for 3 days and biloxi for 3 days. This weekend I will be leaving for laurel mississippi, which is right north of hattiesburg. I will be going back to auburn on tuesday I think, and taking a few days off. then I will be coming back to starkville to work for a week, just to wrap things up, and i will be heading out to the coast after I get all of that done.
so, really, I cannot wait to get down there but this living on peoples couches is an adventure.

Ha ....
oh, and news update, i will be at Pasaquan on November 4th selling my tshirts. I am pretty excited.. Jake Fussell and Precious Bryant will be playing, and i have always wanted to see Pasaquan, the home of St. EOM.

another thing:
I finally got to meet Felder Rushing and Dr. Dirt. They are awesome! I want a Garden again!!!!! I am gonna take a trip up to Jackson to play in Dirt's garden soon I hope.
Well... That is all for now.
I will for sure write more soon.

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