Sunday, October 22, 2006

my vacation has returned me to my normal self, if not better

So, i have been on vacation. Check it out at my flickr site.

On tuesday i left laurel Mississippi to go to auburn. I stopped at the rural studio to say hi to friends, then had a really relaxing evening with a friend. It was the beginning of an amazing week.

I had lunch with my daddy on wednesday, then headed out to Atlanta. In atlanta i:

went to the museum of contemporary art
the High
the thrashers game, which not only went into overtime, but thrashers won in a shootout.
mjq to dance on dance night
the drunken unicorn and saw MAN MAN, they were pretty good
the local
Alons for breakfast
calcutta for lunch
saw Marie Antoinette(beautiful photography, but slow)
light room(architecture firm)

Yesterday morning i left for tuscaloosa(northport really) to go to the kentuck festival of the arts. Last night i went to little willies, this little blues club and danced for a while. Now, i am gonna go back to kentuk. God bless vacations!!!!

so, yeah. i feel so energised and amazing after my wonderfully busy week.
and to that i say Raaarrrrr!

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