Saturday, September 29, 2007

Captains log of good things

This captains log is going to be a bit far reaching in the past(a few weeks,) because i have not written down what i am thankful for in a while.

1) my zeta hat that my friend danger made for me, and shipped to me in a beautiful package
2) my cd that my friend keefe sent me of his band's last show, which included pages from the onion calendar.
3) my run yesterday where i did 3 miles pretty well.
4) we got all of the money to build patience a fence
5) i have the new tshirt printed, the white trailer shirt.
6) the natatorium, a great place to swim
7) I watched Lone Wolf McQuade with some friends
8) Learning to play ultimate frizbee
9) making some good catches, and a good throw or two in Ultimate.
10) My study sessions and my study partner
11) I got my guitar
12) Gabby got a promotion
13) I got to work on the Blitz build, which led to a bunch of things that were good:
14) i was on the rafters putting in blocking
15) i learned how to hang drywall
16) I can hammer in a 16 penny nail in 4 hits (after it is set)
17) I helped build a ramp
18) i can kind of install that laminate flooring.
19) i learned i can do a bunch of other stuff on a house
20) Patience is getting the power pole removed from her front yard.
21) I had Pho 777 yesterday
22) I cleaned out my front closet
23) i got a new dining table (not new, but new to me)
24) I have the high score on tri towers at sweets
25) today is my 10th day without a cigarette, so i guess that means i have quit
26) my friends dan and alex came to visit
27) dan did not get killed when he was playing homeless in New Orleans
28) Will joined Alex, Dan, and I, and we went to daulphin Island and met up with Abby and Gabby at the beach
29) Alex, Dan, and Will danced for a beer.
30) my dad won a teaching excellence award from Auburn University
31) I am going home in october for a few days
32) there was an honesty shared between a friend an i, and it did not mess up our friendship, which it easily could have, i think this is one of the things i am most thankful for at the moment.
33) I have decided to run a half marathon in January
34) the rats are gone from my house
35) i am making a shirt by hand for a friend, and will be starting another one this weekend. (it is good to be making stuff by hand again, something i have strayed away from for the most part for the last year or so.

There are a bunch of things in life right now that are happy, and as much as i wish i could write all of the good down, but i have to get ready for work at sweets, and i think that task would take all day.

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