Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Update on the Fence for Patience

So, we have raised all of the money for Miss Patience's Fence. I told her that she was getting her white picket fence and she was so excited, she had to take a seat. So Thank you to everyone who bought a shirt or donated to the fund!

As an update to this we are working to get it all moving. There are a few things that need to happen for the fence building to start.

First, Miss Patience has an old power pole right in the middle of her front yard. Why they put it there, i do not know, but we are getting that removed. Mississippi Power has agreed to come take it down, but there is a cable line and a phone line that are still attached to it, and those need to be moved, so we are trying to get the phone company and the cable company to come move those.

Once that is done, hopefully this week, Miss Patience needs a walk way. This can be done in a day. Maybe saturday, while the posts for the fence are being set. Sunday, if all goes to plan, we can build her a fence. Oh i cannot wait to actually get working on this thing. So thank you to everyone!!!! Biloxi Hearts You!

I will announce the next I heart Biloxi Project soon!

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