Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ahhh, i almost had a relapse

A friend of mine told me that i should be on face book, because it was cool. I decided to sign back up. I did, then i started adding friends, and started joining groups, and it started consuming my time... and eh. i decided that it was not a good idea
i deleted my account again.
i feel better.


Vincent said...

"Jessie Zenor wants to be your friend" ... psych! :-(

Jessie Zenor said...

I know, i know. I am sorry. I have kind of gotten a lot of crap about it already. I was making a lot of "friends" yesterday.

Vincent, facebook, or no facebook, i will still be your friend, we will just have to chat using email, or AIM, or telephones, or...heaven forbid, in person.

sorry dear!