Sunday, December 23, 2007


So the past few days have been a pretty amazing spread of time. Friday night Anne, Alan, Jody and Ben came into sweets. There was an arm wrasslin tournament, and a coaster war. It was probably the most fun i have had in a long time.

Yesterday, i woke up and continued to pack up my house. Dan pulled into town, and ate some la bakery, and walked through the Frank Gehry museum, and got yelled at when we walked around the Rosetti house. Dan went to mobile, I went home to pack more.

I ended up on face book for a while, which was no good. I canceled my face book. It was weird how much of a knot it was giving me in my stomach that quickly. ahhh... a relief it is gone. (i am sorry vincent!)

I got some more packed, and then Anne and Alan called, after getting some fresh ink done, and we went to mellow mushroom, and then to a movie. We watched Charlie Wilson's War. I would highly recommend it.

Well... today i have to actually do it. I have to pack all of my stuff, and get it to its storage area, and GO HOME! I cant wait to get home, i am not looking forward to the next 16 hours though. Packing is one of my least favorite jobs...Driving on that part of 65 is another one.

Oh well, they are playing christmas tunes on NPR, that will keep me company for a while.
have a good day!

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elizabeth said...

this is so cool!
i just found you via etsy and the fabulous biloxi shirts you make! i was wondering if i could take one off your hands. i work in biloxi so it wouldn't have to be shipped!!!

you can email me at emma81399 at aol dot com or contact me thru my blog :)

what your doing is fab*you*less!!!