Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Last night and a promise

So, I understand that it has been February since I actually gave you an update on my life, and as you can probably guess, a lot has happened. I am not going to try and fill it in now, I will, however try to fill you in on the important things over the next week or so. Which means I will be blogging more from now on. Sorry for the time lapse, and I will try to record life more often.

The event that brought me back to blogging happened last night. I met my friends at the beach to have a beer and watch them skim board, and when i got there, they were running around in the little puddles hootin and hollerin. I found them chasing crabs in the water, and minnows... just enjoying the water. It was a bit refreshing. I haven't had that kind of a jovial time at the beach in a long time.
So i joined in the search for life in the sand, although really not being very attentive to it, more just enjoying having my feet in the water, and the nice breeze, and my friends. All of the sudden, Sharise yells that she sees eyes in the sand. Oh, she was so good at spotting things in the water. We all ran over to look at it and sure enough, there were eyes in the sand. It was a flounder! I am still not sure how she spotted it. Everyone's spirits elevated from the relaxing wading and searching to the hunt. Armed with a skim board a bottle of vodka and a can of beer, we all discussed the best way to catch our prey. For some reason (probably the vodka) it was decided that flicking it with the skim board would be the best idea. Jeff or Baby Nick did the honors and the thing took off in the puddle. But, all hope was not lost. Where ever it went in the puddle, a ridge of water marked its path. We chased it for a few seconds until it found a stopping place. All huddling around it, we had to come up with another plan, because flicking it with the skim board was obviously not really the answer. I suggested that we gigged the thing.... but we really had no gigging tool, but it was primally fun to yell out orders to gig something. eventually(in about 5 seconds), we found this long flat piece of metal in the shallow water(surely left there by hurricane katrina). This, we decided was a good addition to our collection of useful tools. Baby Nick pinned the flounder in the sand with the skim board and Jeff [gigged?!?!] it with the blunt piece of metal. I was sure he would have gashed it but i think it just hurt it kind of bad.

The flounder took off again, but it had been weakened by our mighty tools. They were finally able to flick it onto the sand where it spent its last few minutes alone as we searched, unfruitfully, for another one.

when it got dark, we gave up our search and headed for Jeff's trailer, where we were gonna stuff it with crab and eat it (i think also the vodka talking) when we got to Jeff's house there was no crab or anyway to cook it, but the thing needed to be cleaned. So, Jeff got out his manly reciprocating fish cutter, and began to try to clean it. I became super excited because back in august, a friend of mine taught me how to clean a flounder. I was trying to instruct Jeff (in the controlly way i can get some times) on how to do it, but i don't think he believed that i knew what i was talking about. eventually though, jeff lost interest (probably the vodka) and i got to test my skills. I filleted the Flounder! and played with its head and threw body parts at Baby nick. Oh, it was glorious (the beer probably helped) and so fun!

Alright, i have to go to work now, but i should have pictures to post from the filleting adventure and i promise to be more up to date with this thing!

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