Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A trip to the swamp, brunch, and spear fishing!

This past weekend was pretty eventful and adventuresome.
Friday night began with a celebration of my friend Caitlin's Birthday! I was working at sweets that evening so i missed most of the celebrations (that included dinner at cici's pizza and a trip to the rodeo) but was there for the cake. The group of marauders ended the caravan of fun at the bar, and I was able to participate in the fun! But it was a strange night at sweets. Three different groups of my friends were partying at sweets that evening. My friends from Biloxi, the volunteers, celebrating Caitlin's Birthday. My friends from the local band Ko-lija and their friends were hanging out... and if it were not enough to be surrounded by many american friends, my mexican friends were there too!Oh what a fun and glorious night it was, full of dancing, laughing, yelling and of course drinking.

On Saturday, me and 5 of my friends went on a journey west. We woke up entirely too early following a night of so much fun, and loaded up in the cars and headed towards Louisiana. Our friend Chris is leaving the coast soon, and he wanted to visit the Atchefalaya Swamp basin before he left. So that is where we went. It was so amazing. Not only were the water and trees beautiful but we got to see baby ivices, and bald eagles , and beavers, and baby spoonbills, and all kinds of birds, and baby gators, and big gators and more birds, and nutria. OH it was awesome!

When I got back, I joined up with some friends at the beach. The boys were a bit grumpy, so me and my friend emily went to my house to feed my dog, and to cut my hair. My hair cut went well, as did feeding my dog. When we returned to Biloxi, the boys were a little less grumpy and a lot more fun. We hung out there for a little while, and then headed home!

We started Sunday off with an amazingly large breakfast at my house. It was so much fun! We had pancakes, bacon, potatoes, eggs, fruit, bagels, juice, coffee, grits... oh goodness. What a good time. I love Sunday Brunches. While we were all sitting around the table in a food coma, a few of us thought that it might be a good idea to go spear fishing, especially since we had caught a flounder last week with extremely primitive tools, and at that very moment we were surrounded by bamboo, perfect for making spears out of.
We made our spears, oh how i wish i had a picture of these now, and we went to the beach. We tried several spots, but with no luck. The tide was high, and the water was too deep where we were. But it was fun to go swimming in the water, especially with spears!
So, that was my weekend! it was amazing! YEAH... I love the coast!

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