Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am not doing this because of the new year!

I am not trying to renew my blog because of the new year; this is not a resolution. I am doing this because I like blogging, and I have been distracted over the last several months, with friends, work, knitting and in general, life in the trailer park. Nothing bad, just occupied.

I have also been reminded by the new flock of students that have started the semester in the studio. I have encouraged them to begin keeping keeping a blog about their next 4 months. I am excited to see what happens. It also got me thinking that I need to get back on this wagon and continue to document the things that happen in my life. I am going to also start making daily notes of things that amaze me or surprise me or just things that are wonderful (this is a resolution, can you see me trying to better my self now?).

So here goes:
My friend Britton has been hired at the GCCDS. Oh, what a good addition it is going to be to the team. He fits right into the group. He is a fan of the Project Lounge, Bonfires and Porch Sitting. But what good southerner wouldnt be. Oh yeah! He is from the Deep South! I say this with such excitement, because now we have two people in the office that can claim to be southerners!!!! Three if you count Virginia/West Virginia, which I guess we should.

Speaking of Southerners in the office, I think we are growing one. Kristen, from PA, made biscuits yesterday, and they were good! But, I have to say that she is not that far away from being a good southerner to start. She went home for Christmas and butchered a Pig.

How awesome is that! I am a bit jealous to be quite honest.

Last night I went to her house, and sat on her porch for a while, drank awful wine that i had got from the closest package store out of a Ball jar (handed to me by the pretty much southern Kristen) and talked with a bunch of my office mates, and a few extras.

Last night was so pleasant. and to top it off, Kristen, Jenny and I watch Nausicaa which was so good. Go watch it!

Today was also a good day. I met Seth and Emily at the office and we finished some shelves that i have been wanting to finish for some time. Then I got to reorganize it. Oh, I am so excite about that. It looks so much better.

I also met up with Nadene and we worked on the Mujeres Unidas Shade Structure for a bit. I think it has the potential to be super awesome! We will be building a model of it over the next few days with hopes to talk to the ladies about it wednesday.

And now... AND NOW, I am going to go sit by a fire for a while and enjoy friendship!

Things that surprised me today: I think the thing that most suprised me today was this morning when working with Seth and Emily, the way they moved around eachother in such tight spaces working to get the shelves in, it showed such comfort, and understanding of the other person's presence. Not that I wouldnt expect it from them, but it was really nice to notice.

Off to the fire!

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Vince said...

Jessie!! What do you mean, "Virginia/West Virginia"!?! As a Virginian, I don't think the West Virginians should get to piggyback on board (unless there is one I don't know about!)