Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh... another night of friends.

Well, I had yet another evening spent with friends. I went to a friend's house and ate this chicken lime soup. oh goodness it was good.

I had a funny day at work but I cannot talk about it because it isnt so much public... but you should know it was real funny.

The real reason I am writing this is because I wanted to say the thing that most surprised me today. I realize that this habit that I am trying to develop is starting to become pretty personal, and usually involving people around me. I hope this is ok. I am trying to really appreciate other peoples actions. Not that I dont appreciate them now, but I guess I am trying to see more of the actions that happen around me.

Today, a Man(i am protecting that identity) that our office is working with was given a bunch of advice on how to do his job better, and not in the friendliest way. The advise was pretty straight forward, and at times a bit overwelming. The Man, he thought about what was being told to him. He realised that this advise he was getting, although a bit strong in delivery, was correct. He immediatly reacted to that fact. That is a sign of a person that belongs in a position of leadership. He listened to the message and not the way it was delivered. I would also like to say that the delivery was not overly offiencive, it was just very forward. that was the moment that today I really appreciated the most.

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