Monday, January 12, 2009

Wake Me Up.... Before you GO GO!

So, its late. My dog is already in bed. Way past my bed time. It is 11:27 pm. Goodness. I had better whip something out quick.

First I would like to apologize to my friend Vince from Virginia. I did not mean to lump you into two states(although if it were four, it would be a tourist attraction). I honestly put that in there because for some reason, I could not remember if you were from Virginia or West Virginia. I deeply apologize.

Anyway. Today was such a good day.

The morning started out with my normal walk with Deloris, and listening to an exceptionally funny podcast from the Moth, and those 30 minutes on the track were the funniest of the day. The story was by Adam Wade and was called Development. look it up! I was laughing while walking around this track, in circles. I must have looked a little crazy, but it was a funny story.

Then I got to work, answered some emails, started doing this evaluation of this development, read an article about the suburban blight, and what to do with it, worked on a lease agreement, went to the bay, went to the country, got back in the office, finished this evaluation, worked on the lease a little more, and headed home to change in to my swim suit.

It was a busy work day, but I really got a lot done.

I got home, and went swimming. Oh, I swam hard today. I have just recently started going back to the Natatorium (also not a new years resolution) and that place is so good. I always leave there feeling so relaxed and tired and energized all at the same time. it is a great feeling. If I can just get over my flailing when I do the free style it will all be good. One day... i will get there.

I met my friend Britton for some Pho and Bun, and had a few drinks, and here I am, at home writing my blog when i should be sleeping, but i have this new found sense of purpose and feel the need to write this darned thing when i should be curled up cozy in my comfy bed!

Before I sign off, I have a few things that made my day wonderful or that surprised me:
1) I heard the Wham song Wake me up be fore you go go, which was my favorite song when i was in preschool, and was on my first tape that i used to listen to on my Mister Microphone.

2) I got to see some really cute white cows.

3) the most important, and significant. My friend lost his father on Friday. He had been sick for some time. My friend did not just leave a message for one of us telling us what was going on, but he sent all of us at the GCCDS an email letting us know not only that his father had passed away, but also how much we(most of whom had never met him, and only knew his son) meant to him. I thought that it was such an amazing gesture of love for his father, that this became the moment of the day that suprised me the most. My heart goes out to you and your family James.

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