Monday, June 15, 2009

Let the yard games begin!

Saturday night we got to really put our yard to the test, when a group of our friends showed up for burgers and yard games. We started off with horse shoes, then moved to simultaneous games of horse shoes and bacce ball, then, we moved to croquet. This was the first time I have ever played bacce, and I did pretty well. In croquet, however, I kicked ass! I won, so far ahead of anyone else! I dont mean to brag, but I never do that well in games like this.

Anyways, when you mix beer, a few shirtless men and croquet mallets together, only one thing can happen...a sword fight of course! Two of the guys played swords for about 15 minutes and when they finished, there were large welts covering their torsos. They were feeling none of it at the time, well maybe a little, but I am sure they were feeling it in the morning.

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