Monday, June 08, 2009

Mi Casa Nueva y amigos y familia y muchas comedas y muchas cervezas!

So, after eight months of living at the Salvo in a camper similar to a FEMA trailer, I am back in a house and back in Ocean Springs!

Friday, my friend Jeff and I signed the lease, he parked his boat in the front lawn, to match our boat having neighbors, and we started hauling the boxes inside. My mom planed her trip at just the right time, by coincidence, and she helped me and my new roommate get settled in.

Friday night, after moving a load in to the house, we ate dinner at the Grocery, headed back to the house to sit in our new screened in porch and watch Deloris run back and forth enjoy her new found freedom of the fenced in yard.

Saturday morning, we had the inaugural bacon, eggs and bagels, and set out for a day of moving, and unpacking. After we were completely exhausted, we showered up in our bathrooms, which i would like to add, are normal sized which are much, much larger than the bathroom in my trailer. Squeaky clean, we headed for the shed, for the fear not festival to see Greyson Capps and of course some meat.
After a few rounds of 2 for $3 PBRs and some dancing, and a belly full of pork, we headed back to the house, sat around on the carpet in the livingroom( we had not gotten my chairs yet) drinking one last beer.

Sunday, i woke up and made some pancakes and a Buckwheat Cake and got back to unpacking. We picked up a load at my storage unit, including my collection of chairs, and unloaded it. I unpacked my room, put together my bed, and made it complete with my old quilt.
We went to the filling station and ate crawfish, and went back to the house and played horse shoes and baggo!

Sunday night, i got to sleep in my bed... MY OWN BED.... for the first time in 8 months, oh, how i miss that thing.

So now it is monday, and i am ready to start this new week as a resident of Ocean Springs!!!!!!!

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