Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A message in a bottle.

One of my friends, James, and I spent this past weekend seeking out adventure.
We started Saturday morning with a very nice breakfast of veggie filled omelets at the Bayview and conversation with some of his fellow sailors about the good ole times in the races and adventures they had. I learned the difference between starboard and port, and I think it only reinforced that i really want to start sailing. It sounds like so much fun.

After breakfast, we went and picked up a boat, and headed for the harbor. We got the boat in the water only to realize that the spark plugs were not working right. James called up the folks at the parts store, and we waited for a few hours for them to deliver the parts to us in the Marina. While we were waiting, we walked around the harbor, talked to a bunch of folks and looked at the other boats while James told me about most of them in detail, and their owners.

We finally got the spark plugs and because the water was so calm, we headed for Horn Island, and met up with some folks we knew, had a beer, and went off to explore the island. We passed a large group of dolphins on the way. In our exploration we found huge scallop shells and an old bench. We threw the loot in the boat, and went wondering a little more. When we were sufficiently hot, and hungry, we got back in the water, and in the boat and headed back to Ocean Springs, for some burgers at the Inn Zone, and some good music by the May James band. James even got up and played the harmonica with them.

Sunday morning, we went and got breakfast again, this time at the Yellow Mouth, another veggie filled omelet for me and eggs and hash browns for him. We cleaned the boat out, and went back out on the water, this time without the wait, and headed for Deer Island. We started walking the shore of the island, looking for shells, and glass and old pottery, and we found a message in a bottle. I will post the message another time, because i don't have it with me at the moment, but it was kind of a weird poem. I understand that when you tell someone you find a message in a bottle and don't tell what the message says, it kind of ruins the story, but oh well. It is not possible at this moment. I think the most important part of this story is that we found a message in a bottle. A real one, that had floated up on the shore.

We headed back to Ocean Springs, picked up his friend Tony, and went to the movies to watch Harry Potter. By the time i got back home that evening, i slept soooooo well. It was an amazing weekend.

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